1. What setting did you use in the Creami and how many respins when you froze 16hours?

  2. I did a temporary job after being laid off from my usual work.

  3. It's not so much that they list the wrong weight.

  4. How do you know the added weight isn't just extra moisture etc.? Do you just assume the calories per gram based on label weight are correct, and multiply up based on the weight of the item? I always thought the extra weight was due to some extra filler or water content that has no caloric value

  5. Actually, chicken breast without skin and any fat (pure meat) has 90 cals in 100g.

  6. The pedaling can be heard very obviously in this recording. In fact, OP is waaaay over pedaling. You can hear quite clearly that the two harmonies are getting mushed together.

  7. What would you say it's for? Would it be wrong to use in the way previous poster described?

  8. HI forgot where I saw it, but I tinkered around with the anabolic french toast bake recipe and decided to try and improve on it!

  9. Make sure she takes her rings off while lifting. I see a lot of woman who don’t, and the one time I forgot to take mine off it was awful. If she feels weird without a ring, she should get a silicone band.

  10. Calories not including the topping though since I didn’t measure the topping! (sorryy!!)

  11. That looks delicious, though I can't quite get a good feel for the size of the dish.

  12. Only reason i move my head is to check my form

  13. It is just about your preferences. Vegie proteins have generally worst bioavailability, but you can buy nowadays 80% vegan proteins powders.

  14. Can you provide an example of 80% vegan protein? Not sure what this means, is the other 20% from animal products? Have you tried using these proteins in anabolic ice creams?

  15. Crust Recipe: 1 cup all - purpose flour 2 eggs 2/3 cup milk Italian seasoning Pinch of salt

  16. Which brand? I'd like some lower calorie peanut butter that's actually peanut butter and not just some powdered nonsense. 👀

  17. Would you mind posting or forwarding me your top non-dairy ice cream picks? I suppose I'm on a similar quest but much closer to the start. Nadamoo is my favorite so far.

  18. Very cool. I may do this with other foods. I wonder how the testing is actually done.

  19. I had some leftover ingredients and made these cookies so these measurements won’t be exact meaning they might be a gram off. These were pretty good and are really crunchy considering they have oat fiber in them!

  20. Just depends on whether or not you like the taste of the protein to start out with. There are some vegan brands that are even better than whey or casein in my opinion.

  21. Can you please recommend to me good taste vegan protein powders that work to make anabolic ice cream, protein bars, or baked recipes?

  22. But staples are made of metal? Isn't that bad to put it in the microwave? Or are there non-metallic staples?

  23. In general yes, but its such a tint piece of metal it usually OK. Not 100% risk free, but I've done it hundreds of times without issue.

  24. This seems like a cool recipe. The Macrosupps protein you used was vegan?

  25. Any thoughts on how using pea, brown rice, or Hemp protein (or some combination) instead of soy might go?

  26. I'm in Texas and we have something similar at HEB (store) called "Magic Pop" in 6 flavors for 15+ calories a piece. Flavors are: Original, Onion, Cheese, Wheat, Strawberry, Cinnamon for around $5 USD per pack.

  27. The original ones used to be 10 calories each and now they changed to 15 calories, have you noticed that?

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