1. I was happy to be able to follow the fights. There weren't a ton of cuts or fast edits. The camera was locked down and not a shakey cam. It was in frame and not done super close. Even some bigger action movies don't shoot fights that well.

  2. For sure, the action was shot very well. I'm probably just a bit spoiled because I saw John Wick twice last week, but even then I think Rodriguez gets two really good fights in this and the rest are just solid.

  3. That one single take shot in the final fight with the Red Witch was really damn cool.

  4. Once it was revealed the big guy's poker table was about fifty feet from a rave I wasn't like "that's a weird place for a poker table" I was like "oh that's why there was drowned out techno playing." That's how you know it's good world building. You just accept it.

  5. Very similar in that regard to the Red Circle from Chapter 1 and the scene in Paris from mission impossible fallout

  6. Two has a great rave shootout too, right after he kills Santino's sister. It leads nicely into the catacombs fight. Honestly, if there's no techno rave doused in neon I start to wonder if I'm watching a John Wick movie.

  7. As a surprise to no one, Florence is incredible in this. She is extremely raw but still very likeable. She made for a really nice core to the movie and, overall, it's not a bad movie. There wasn't a dry eye in the theater after first 30 minutes and there's several really great character moments or scenes.

  8. I'll admit, after the cheap Wonder Woman fake-out earlier in the movie, I cried when Gal Gadot actually appeared on screen. Possibly for the last time ever in this role. Seemed like they were paying her by the word though, because she didn't waste any time.

  9. Has an extremely limited release right now. I'd like to see if it goes wider next week.

  10. This movie stars Shazam as he goes about his Shazam business. When three villains arrive to cause trouble, Shazam must accept it is now Shazon and save the day.

  11. Funny enough that's actually more specific than the current synopsis

  12. The runtime had me a bit worried but this is very reassuring.

  13. I am so happy for EEAAO but it is crazy that Tar, Fabelmans, Banshees, and Elvis all got completely shut out.

  14. Banshees was the movie that affected me the most this year. Shame they won nothing.

  15. I think Fabelmans was mine. I totally get that Spiely doesn't need the accolades and Daniels deserved it, but Fabelmans is his magnum opus and it is directed with precision and brilliance only someone with his experience could have done. I figured if anything it would have been that.

  16. Winning best editing at the Oscars and opening with "This is my second movie" is kind of a fucked up flex hahahahaha

  17. I definitely expected the guy who wrote Naatu Naatu to open with "I grew up listening to The Carpenters"

  18. Who had "The guy who wrote Naatu Naatu sings The Carpenters"?

  19. Cocaine Bear harassing Malala was not on my bingo board for tonight

  20. There were at least four or more submissions about that. I wouldn't put it past them tho tbh. Especially if someone funny is presenting.

  21. I got that one and "Zelensky thanks celebs for their support" in the same diagonal, with one of them in the same column as two different squares about Ariana DeBose's BAFTA rap. They really should have proofread their list more to remove extraneous squares, because it's much more difficult to get a Bingo now.

  22. You can generate a new card if you think yours is unfair. I removed a lot of similar squares but if two squares have similar content but are technically different and the sub upvoted them then they're on there.

  23. Just wanted to say this is one of the worst movie therapists I've seen in a long time.

  24. Ironic that Adam Driver's character was hurt everywhere except his back because he was carrying this movie hard!

  25. Not much else to carry it. Him and the other lead didn't even speak the same language.

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