1. You know, I saw the middling reviews and I was thinking there must be some major flaw in this movie. And while I'm watching it I'm thinking any minute now this will get bad. And then it ended? And I just thought it was a blast? I honestly don't know what 45% of critics have against this movie. I thought it was consistently fun and funny throughout with great action and an interesting cast of characters. The narrative is a little choppy, sure, but the plot wasn't incoherent like Atomic Blonde was. I honestly loved this.

  2. Eh idk if Shannon was really cameo bc he was in trailers and was originally announced as part of the cast way back when. Channing Tatum though…..

  3. Yeah I tend to avoid trailers when I can. He was definitely a major role and not a cameo, but the way they played his setup and revealed him in the fly down shot I was definitely wondering who could play this legend and when I saw it was Shannon I was like, yup sounds about right.

  4. They are made on the day movies premiere. Thursday night at 9pm CST the threads are made for all movies with a wide release in cinemas that the sub has shown interest in. On Friday I post the streaming releases since those come out on Friday.

  5. Jeff Nichols was one of my favorite newer directors when he was pumping them out years ago. Take Shelter is a masterpiece to me.

  6. I think Midnight Express Special is a tad underrated, myself.

  7. Honestly this movie sounds amazing and I am incredibly excited.

  8. I'll always watch Gaga. She's always doing interesting things.

  9. Yeah but what the fuck does she know about cameras?

  10. Can you believe that? Can you believe we don't have a jacuzzi!?

  11. You’re the stupid ass that banned me huh?

  12. Idk your bitch ass movies sub banned me. Figured it was you.

  13. Can't imagine why we'd ban such a pleasant person who doesn't make accusations based on little to no evidence.

  14. Did you catch the PC scene? Was it worth the wait?

  15. It was basically Dwayne Johnson playing three characters as Krypto meets Black Adam and his dog. It was fun, nothing insane.

  16. Hahaha that’s cool nice crossover promo and I would love for a sequel to see the pets of supervillains

  17. There's definitely sequel potential. By the end of the movie the pets are a real team and I think it's even implied that what gave the animals powers may have been more widespread and other animals may have powers too. Kinda like the setup the The Flash TV series. Metapets start sprouting up.

  18. Pretty interesting and fun movie. I liked it quite a bit, the plot and the characters were having a good time and the writing was just sharp enough that it didn't bother me that it spent so much time ruminating on "what is America". Down that rabbit hole there's a lot to think about with the ending and what fulfillment we get out of vengeance but on the surface there's a funny and intriguing movie to watch if you don't want to get all existential.

  19. "That moment you're looking for, where you're at the top of the mountain and all eyes are on you. That's the dream I never wake up from" says the man who walks to the top of the mountain to be seen and devoured.

  20. I thought he said "that's the dream I never wake up from"

  21. Probably! My retention isn't 100%. Just thought that was a cool line.

  22. Book of Henry probably the actual worst offender of this.

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