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  1. Sorry, how do you get the bonus campaign?! Is it a PC exclusive?

  2. There's a mod for that. Wannabe edgerunner. Adds a cyberpsycho mechanic and so far I'm loving it

  3. How does it work? I'm on console, so I won't be able to install it

  4. Did you hear about that kid that actually went to jail for Second Rate Schaboingary?

  5. The interaction of different sizes. From the tiny ticks to massive mechs, it's amazing, and feels really Alive

  6. Just edited the character pool, you can do it in xcom 2

  7. He doesn't lose his virginity, because he never loses

  8. Counter arguement, they didn't give war a chance, so they had nothing to do, so they did this an entertainment. So, you should always give war a chance, no matter what.

  9. Put my dick in something that has a temperature as hot as the son

  10. If you keep asking questions, they'll need to use it one more time

  11. R.I.P., I wasn't a power ranger kid, but he brought happiness to people, and seemed like a decent guy

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