1. Public bathroom stalls and a marker in places where drunk people gather late at night can do marvels.

  2. There is a mosnter mod that makes a mobpack drop the same item base and rarity on each of the mobs of the pack.

  3. Csts tend to play with their pray and then drown it to kill it. You have a might hunter that just kill-confirmed that mouse

  4. There is a tool someome else linked that is like a sort of path of exile calculator. It allows you to import a build from a pastebin link. If you dud that you'll see the passive tree, the gem links, te items, etc. and you'll ve able to compute automatically the effect changes in nodes, gear or links have on your dps or survivability.

  5. I started playing TR this league and these gloves made me emotional. Mirror worthy craft, my friend.

  6. I'd say you just enjoy the game at your own pace. Explore, discover and rediscover things. And whenever you find yourself lost, ask other players or the wiki :)

  7. Well, I'd start with questing and unlocking all the new areas and methods. Also, keeping your diary progress up to date would be helpful.

  8. Try to exhaust your kitty before bedtime with some playtime.

  9. I don’t think that is the truth. I’m pretty sure they’ve been proven to be unreliable

  10. I think it fits in "real techniques to passing a polygraph"

  11. Sure, you can always apply a technique that fails. Even if it is the best one you can apply.

  12. Run the exam on a virtual machine, so they monitor that while you have access to your full pc

  13. Arcanist Brand + Lightning Warp, nothing else matters, just random +lightning dmg, a lot of hp and regen required, some aoe range could be awesome too, missing both so far, working on.

  14. Damn I kinda knows what this means but I forgot most of the Spanish I learned in school

  15. Dig a hole and make it look like a rodent chewed off the cables

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