1. Completely agree. I’ll even go one further and say I’m a bit annoyed that you can’t play a career as an existing driver anymore. I wanted to play as MSC or George and work my way up from Haas/Williams. Don’t particularly like having to make up my own fake driver and replace a real one on the grid.

  2. Nice to see a PS5 setup. Browsing this sub can sometimes feel like a second class citizen on console (not through anybodies fault or a complaint, just an observation!) but I do love Gran Turismo, and I’ve recently been enjoying ACC on my PS5. Hopefully the next-gen patch brings that a little closer to the full fat PC experience!

  3. I would love a PC but I’ve had PS for so long I don’t wanna start again haha. Is there a next gen patch coming for ACC? Haven’t heard of that

  4. Apparently so yes. No dates or details yet but I suppose we may hear more later in the year.

  5. This is the perfect video to sum up the Quinn and Patricia era. Sheer boredom and a lack of any trust, enthusiasm or belief in what they were doing.

  6. I’ve had about 3 hours sleep, but it was all worth it for Sewell!

  7. Have so much nostalgia for these toys. What a brilliant collection. In hindsight, it always seems super weird to me though that this stuff existed for kids. I had seen Alien and Aliens and had most of these toys at age 8-9. As a father now that seems crazy!

  8. Alien is a masterpiece. Aliens is “just” a timeless classic of the action genre.

  9. I’m one of the new Steam players and I’m enjoying it. The one thing holding me back from leaving my own positive review is the general performance on PC. After 30 hours of Doom Eternal barely dropping a frame, seeing this wildly swing between 100 and 35fps even for simply just walking around is infuriating. I’ll continue to tweak though in the hopes of finding a balance.

  10. If you don’t like the new UI then why not revert to the old UI?

  11. I love the new UI! Just wondered if there was a way to populate this box.

  12. Ok then. Sorry about my comment. I don’t like the new UI (to put it mildly) and assumed that you don’t like it either

  13. That’s OK! No need to apologise! Big fan of the new look - just makes it more annoying that there’s this one inconsistency when adding your own games! I’m 100% it’s a super dumb thing I’ve missed though.

  14. I love almost everything about Doom 2016 more than Eternal, but consider Eternal a perfect sequel and a better game.

  15. I have a head cannon that includes 1-3 and 7.

  16. Just bought this myself yesterday. First time playing Civ. Yep.. it’s crazy addictive. Quite why I thought my already limited game time needed this in my life is another matter.

  17. 9. I would have had it as an 8, but I enjoyed a recent play through more than even the first time around, which I wasn’t expecting and solidified this game as a top 4 RE game for me.

  18. I’ve no problem with players valuing their own self worth and striving to get the most money they can. I DO have a problem with players backing themselves into a corner by being very public about it and telling fans what they won’t accept. I love Slay but he needs to grow up a bit with his current Twitter game.

  19. Resident Evil 4 is only the fifth best RE game, behind 1-3 & 7.

  20. I finished a replay of this yesterday. Found the game to be an amazing experience even on a second go, which I wasn’t expecting after the first time.

  21. I spent ages flipping between DR1 and 2.0 trying to decide which I thought was the better game. Something about 2.0 felt off to me at first and I think the UI, menus, car selection and general structure really contributed to that. It just feels a little “messy” compared to the super tight and focused approach of DR1. I only play 2.0 now and REALLY like it, but it took me a while to truly settle with it.

  22. I’ve not been a Lions fan long enough to have an educated opinion on the Fords.

  23. Is he still talking about fundamentals and execution? That was the big thing the last time I watch a Patricia press conference a year ago, and I always think of those words when I see the daft penalties and missed tackles..

  24. We’ve managed to turn 2-0-1 into keeping draft pace with teams that looked like they were actively tanking earlier in the year.

  25. It’s fine to speculate, but people need to divorce the idea of tanking when talking about what the team is or isn’t going to do. The Detroit Lions aren’t going to actively tank this season. It might be what fans instantly jump to as soon as a season ends after 10 games, but teams don’t. Look at Miami who have scuppered what looked like the most obvious tank ever at the start of the year..

  26. Only thing that would make this better would be some out of context screeching about “COMFY COUCH”

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