1. Thank you so much, your comment was very kind and heartwarming 💙 I'll do that

  2. I also recommend Eucharistic Adoration. Sit humbly before God. You may feel nothing. But keep doing it frequently and God will lead you to Him in His time.

  3. I also recommend The Journey Home with Marcus Grodi series of interviews on YouTube. If you search through them you’ll find a number of ex Methodists talking about their conversion to Catholicism.

  4. Also from the witness of saints who saw and conversed with their Guardian Angel, such as St. Padre Pio.

  5. I agree that they are a great order. St. John Neumann was one.

  6. I’d say yes. We need people in the Church who actually know the faith, and sadly many adults don’t. But it really will depend on your pastor.

  7. Because as Christians we don’t deny our Jewish heritage. Jesus told us He came to fulfill the Jewish law, not abolish it. It is the same God of the Old Covenant who then ushered in the New Covenant.

  8. A lot! It is a beautiful Mass. You will be invited forward with your sponsor during Mass, baptized and confirmed. You will receive the Eucharist. People will congratulate you. Your RCIA director should do a rehearsal beforehand, so don’t worry about it now!

  9. To be forgiven you must be sincere about amending your life even if you can’t “feel” remorse. Amending your life is key. Otherwise you are engaging in hypocrisy, and about the only people Jesus really came down hard on were the religious hypocrites.

  10. So just a clarification, you don’t need to feel sorry, just want to be sorry to be forgiven? Asking for myself since I was worried about this, since I want to be sorry for all my sins but some I just feel numb to, but if they hurt God I want to be sorry for them, so I have the want to be sorry but not the feels

  11. Feelings aren’t important here (thank God). It is a gift if you feel remorse for your sins, but not necessary. What is necessary is an act of will, telling God sincerely that you are sorry you offended Him and making a resolution to stop this sin. If you can’t do this, start to pray especially to Our Lady for the grace to do it. She will give it to you. Also, be honest with the priest in Confession about this struggle. He has certainly heard it before. God bless!

  12. Jesus Himself uses hyperbole, of course, when He tells us we must hate our family members to follow Him. This is a similar hyperbole.

  13. Good for you! You have a direction and plan. I’d suggest starting to watch Fr. Mike Schmitz Catechism in a Year. If you do you will be super prepared for RCIA. Welcome home to the Faith of Your Fathers!

  14. Do you prepare the readings ahead of time, pondering them in your heart as a way to prepare for Mass? If you do so, I guarantee you won’t be so peeved at the poor job the lector but rejoice that the Word is being proclaimed. Just an idea.

  15. There's nothing wrong with going through RCIA even if it's not strictly necessary. I sat in on classes one year.

  16. Yes! This just started in January so jump in! It is the best way to learn about the Catholic Faith!

  17. And this is why we need reform. Banning priests from marriage and children is what led to an epidemic of same sex attracted priests.

  18. St. Michael said, Who is like God? Meaning, no one— God is completely above all creatures. So a St. Michael image that says “Qui ut Deus”—Who Is Like God?—is great! There’s no rule for choosing a particular medal. One that says St. Michael Pray For Us or just St. Michael is great too. The seller doesn’t have to be Catholic. Once you get it, have it blessed by a priest and you are all set.

  19. No, grace from God is not like magic. It is, rather, His divine light and His love in dwelling in our souls. Actual grace is the light given us by the Holy Spirit to illuminate our path in a temporal situation, so that we know what to do. For example, I might be faced with a problematic situation, ask God’s help, and receive the inner conviction of what needs to be done and the strength to do it. Actual grace differs from sanctifying grace. If you google these terms or read the Catholic Catechism you will get plenty of help understanding them.

  20. So there’s nothing that can be done to stop or at least lighten the thoughts/physical sensations? Ive been trying to pray for strength to at least handle it but like I said they go away right when the prayer ends

  21. Yes, there is definitely something to be done. Go to Confession. Jesus heals.

  22. That’s what I’m trying to do, I know that’s the solution to the root of the problem, I’m asking what can be done to atleast stop this enough to get me to make and not skip a confession appointment.

  23. To be honest no one can make you do anything if you don’t will it. You have to dig deep inside yourself and find the willingness to do it. You have free will. Try through honest self scrutiny and prayer to find the true reason you are not willing to go to Confession. Perhaps enlist a trusted friend or relative to make the appointment, drive you there, and escort you to the priest.

  24. I’d suggest saying night prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours. It is beautiful and really helps with peaceful sleep. Also, make sure to pray to the Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, and your Guardian Angel for protection and peace. Keep a bottle of Holy Water at your bedside and bless yourself and your bed with it.

  25. Prayer can be, and is called, a sacrifice of praise. When you give glory to God, you die to yourself—sacrifice your own self love.

  26. I was a binge eater but it always involved sugar. I finally admitted I had to completely abstain from those substances to stop overeating. I’d suggest looking into Bright Line Eating and following a sensible, whole food, low carb diet like it. Three meals, no snacks. Prayer helps as well of course.

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