1. Omg. Does anyone have a screen recording of this??!

  2. I love how Misty Fucking Quigley is on every one here.

  3. Hi, mod of the other sub here. While traffic will definitely increase over there, we will also be posting weekly megathreads (separate from the episode discussion threads) for people who want to go more in depth.

  4. Very cool, thank you for letting us know and thank you so much for the work that you do over there! :)

  5. I’m old enough to be from back in era of zines you know the 90s and the best advice I got for my zine was “let it grow organically” meaning not necessarily try to define a mission but let one be defined.

  6. Aww I love this concept. I’m a child of the 90s (meaning I was born in 1991 lol). And you’re right! Gotta see where the road in s2 takes us. :)

  7. I live in Old Navy midi dresses especially when it starts getting warm out. I wear them with a pair of bike shorts underneath. When it gets cold, I wear long sleeve shirts and tights with the cami styles specifically. I wash them to instruction and line dry them and they have lasted me YEARS (makes me feel better about buying something fast-fashion). Now, these are pretty casual but they aren’t expensive so it may be worth it to buy and be mindful of care as you get used to wearing a new style. :)

  8. Downvote me all you want: I hate spin-offs. I hate franchises. Part of what makes this show so appealing is that it’s an original story. Ugh.

  9. Oh shiiiiitt, this place is gonna blow up, and then we'll have to create a new subreddit for the diehards ;)

  10. Who first mentioned an Antler Queen? Was that a Reddit thing or was it in the show? I haven't watched in a while and can't remember if a character uses that phrase but I've seen reviews where they mention the AQ.

  11. Dude idk but I hope whoever came up with it is collecting their paychecks hahaha

  12. Shauna’s “”takedown”” of Callie when she threatened to blackmail her really isn’t the slam dunk people make it out to be. Shauna could have been way more vicious with what she said.

  13. thank you!! i always thought callie's reaction after shauna 'threatened' her was a little extreme all shauna said was 'dont tell your dad i cheated or you'll have to spend the nights in his motel'

  14. Yes!! People talk about it like Shauna completely dressed Callie down and brought her to heel and I’m like. “….????” It wasn’t even threatening, at all. Like, what she said to Jackie in the cabin was more mean. People act like it was this ruthless moment and it just wasn’t lol.

  15. Anachronistic slang: Taissa says "actual f***" as one example.

  16. Genuinely curious, what would have been the more 90s appropriate thing to say?

  17. Im doing a rewatch to prep for next Friday and just finished episode 4 (Bear Down). In this episode alone:

  18. Sorry in advance for the novel, but this is a topic I’ve thought of a LOT lol. I think that the rescue won’t happen until season 4 or 5, especially because that’s the timeline that, seemingly, more people are interested in. I can see them wanting to really get as much use of it as possible. Plus, the Yellowjackets still have a whole other winter to get through. This is my breakdown (spoiler tagged for people who have avoided the recent s2 review articles):

  19. Phoebe- big sister energy who I would absolutely text in a crisis

  20. Before giving my two cents, is the color we see here fairly true to what the suit is? I hear emerald and think bright green, this looks a little more teal to me.

  21. as a 29yr old queer person i’ve noticed a lotttt of wlw/nblw queer people that are late adolescent up until their 40s that love this show. i think it’s for everyone but the girls gays and theys especially lol

  22. If it’s a 7:1 ratio of glowing reviews to what this review is, I’m going with what the majority has to say. I love Indiewire, but they can also be a little Pitchfork-y in that they get a little high-brow with their takes. Also, to echo what someone said here, this isn’t even wholly negative. This comment also implies that it could just be world building/character building that leads to more in future seasons. That’s a good thing, imo!

  23. I love how they’ve (seemingly) incorporated her ability to tell stories well into s2. “Once upon a time, there was a place called The Wilderness…”

  24. I don’t care if they end up together or not, I just don’t want it to turn into a “bury your gays” story!!

  25. I'm interested in learning what is going on with teen Shauna punching someone. Does someone do something to her baby and she beats them to death lol?

  26. I think Misty serves up the baby’s placenta to everyone and Shauna finds out and goes apeshit on her.

  27. What’s happening at 1:45??? There’s a shot of panicked Ben and then someone crawling toward him???

  28. Imagine how overwhelming a place like a mall/TJ Maxx would be after living in the Wilderness for 19 months. I wonder if her parents (with the wealth and connections) had her to go “shopping”” like she used to but after hours so she wouldn’t be around others.

  29. How witchy would it be, if this is them getting off the rescue plane, and there are press photographers there, and Lottie is the last one, and as she steps out, she lets out that fierce roar, and everyone sees she's gone completely feral.

  30. I absolutely see this as being what’s happening here. She would belong to the Wilderness, not society as we know it to be.

  31. Sorry, what’s a tulpa? Someone else commented it in this thread but I’ve never seen it before!

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