1. I was never “temple worthy.” I just watched the prayer circle video from NewName and the whole time all I could think was, “What the culty hell am I watching….?”

  2. With a queer niece still somewhat in the church as a teen (more because her mom makes her, she definitely has questions), I’d love to see these changes happen after the pain that damn pamphlet caused me in my youth as a queer teen struggling with pornography and a bipolar symptom of hyper sexuality. But until they change the shit in there about same sex attraction it won’t be enough.

  3. I don’t think it’s particularly fair to call people panphobic for correcting you about your definition of the word bisexual? If anything it IS biphobic to ignore bisexuals explaining to you what bisexuality is.

  4. I resigned direct to church HQ, and because I never changed my last name when I married, but every single piece of communication I received had my husband's last name, I sent a letter in with no membership number because I had no idea what it was, but I had my name, date of birth, approximate month and year of baptism, address, and last name of my husband. It was enough information for them to find my records and remove my records. It's totally okay if your legal name doesn't match your records. If you like, feel free to DM me for a copy of my letter if you want an example.

  5. Good to know. I guess I’m not the first woman whose last name change they assumed. 🙄

  6. This was so awful it makes me want to move so I can vote against her…

  7. I saw this earlier and vowed to come back and share the story I have. It was only a few months back and unfortunately wasn’t in sacrament meeting, but at my uncle’s funeral.

  8. Don’t have kids, or more kids. That’s the most urgent and consequential advice.

  9. Thankfully I’ve been in and out of the church enough that they haven’t been able to effect my very informed decision to have surgery and be child-free. So glad I wasn’t too far in that I felt I had to talk to a bishop before getting my tubes tied like they say I should.

  10. YOU. ARE. NOT. ALONE. Your experience is very common in people leaving the mormon cult. My experience was almost identical to yours. Mormonism entangles itself with your identity and when you rip it out, it leaves a void that takes time to heal. It hurts but IT WILL GET BETTER. Welcome to the sub.

  11. Definitely no discomfort here with using that word. One of the most relieving times of my life was when I was laying in bed with my husband and I turned to him and said, “Do you ever wonder if we’re in a cult?” and he said, “Yeah, sometimes.” It was so scary saying that out loud to him.

  12. I needed to read this. Thank you! My daughter is 12, but 2 years ago told us she thought she might be a lesbian. We’ve told her that we love and support her and want her to be happy, and encouraged her to come out to her therapist (major anxiety issues run in the family). Over the past two years, she’s gone back and forth. When my husband was putting out our pride flag last year, she said “Dad why are doing that, I’m not lesbian anymore?” (He responded “thanks for telling me, but this is just to say we support other people who are”) then after that she came out as gay to my mom. She’s also told her cousin at one point that she was “on gender fluid” which implied that she didn’t fully understand what it meant. We told her that she’s old enough to have questions, but not old enough to make decisions about this kind of issue. Not until reading your post did I realize that might be wrong.

  13. I’m glad that this post helped you, thankfully I worked things out with my in-laws.

  14. Well, I suppose there are differences between a label that the parents agree is beneficial (i.e. baptism), and one they did not help her choose for herself.

  15. They obviously don’t, but her mother does and is fine with it and not particularly happy about her parents having said conversation with me instead of her.

  16. I’ve definitely never fit in to the church’s plan for happiness (bisexual, child-free), there are times that I think maybe I just wasn’t meant to be happy with my mental health struggles. Right now I’m trying to find what makes me happy and what I believe, I don’t think I’m much longer for the church myself as I examine my beliefs I feel that so many things I believe in my heart don’t line up with Church doctrine… I don’t think I’ve even believed in LDS doctrine’s God for years now at this point but stepping further away also terrifies me.

  17. A heterosexual relationship kind of requires both parties to be straight in my humble opinion. If at least one party is bi/pan/omni/a-spec/etc, even if the relationship may seem straight passing, it's still a queer relationship.

  18. Yes, my husband may identify as straight but with how much I talk about hot women there’s no way you can call our relationship anything past straight passing.

  19. You shouldn't be! Many take ally friends/family, cishet partners as well :)

  20. Thank you! 💖💜💙 I was also scared of mean protestors because of where my mental health was this year, I want my first Pride to be fun and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to handle the homophobes this year. But maybe next year I’ll be in a better place!

  21. Thank you for explaining that. Is your brain still working against you, or have you found strategies to counter intrusive and unwanted thoughts?

  22. Definitely still works against me, I’m actively working with my therapist on multiple things like controlling those intrusive thoughts. I think part of my issue is I never learned coping strategies when I was younger due to the fact that the main concern was keeping me alive more than teaching me coping strategies.

  23. I appreciate that, I definitely could use someone to talk to, it’s been a rough past couple of years for me with a few significant upsides that’s made life quite a roller coaster to say the least.

  24. I don’t think I’ll ever get back the portion of brain I just lost.

  25. I love y’all too! 🏳️‍⚧️ So many pretty women out there! So many pretty people.

  26. YTA. It isn’t your stepdaughter’s job to take care of children YOU decided to have. As she said, she’s not their mom.

  27. Oh, this video gave me such a huge bi panic. She still looks so amazing!

  28. I’ve personally never had a problem getting my returns on a cash card, this thread is the first time I’ve heard of it not being an option.

  29. Right? After five years they wouldn’t break up over text.

  30. Honestly…? If I found out my partner was ok with having her half brother’s child I might break up with them over text even if we’d be together five years.

  31. Ironically, it was always the straight adults who'd ask if I had a girlfriend and ask about my relationships. Meanwhile if I gotta interact with kids well end up talking about pokemon or minecraft or some shit cause you're never to old for that stuff.

  32. I didn’t upload it too well, my reply is there if you click the image itself to view it.

  33. You know, I felt a little bad about my impromptu dance when I found out.

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