1. Could my starter knife be too heavy? I wanted to dip my toes with a cheap

  2. It shouldn't be normal to be struggling with the weight and it's common for cheap amazon ones to be made with low-end materials that are far too heavy. Have you considered a

  3. I had not! I will have to look into the Squiddy. Thank you!

  4. Sounds pretty normal, especially if it’s minor enough not to show up on camera. Sounds like you’re treating it right! Keep using it!

  5. What is funny to me is that I had these kind of questions in my 30s. Am I too old to learn this, or that? To do this, or that?

  6. Omg I love this. ❤️ would you be interested in a few commissions? I have several pets that I would love a portrait with in this style. One is a borzoi.

  7. I have never had the opportunity to do commissions, but I would definitely be happy to!

  8. If anything you want to start with microdosed edibles, you don't want something that has like 5 pieces to it and 100mg total. You can typically find these around 5mg, Kiva makes great ones but I would recommend starting with 1/4 if you end up getting those.

  9. I understand. My therapist very much approves of my decision to try marijuana/edibles and to progressively get off Prozac. This isn't a decision I am taking willy-nilly.

  10. Have you tried any other antidepressants? None of them helped me but Zoloft and that took like 5 tries to find the right combo (Zoloft/abilify).

  11. I haven't yet. Getting on Prozac was such a nightmare, that I'm a little afraid of trying others. Plus, therapy is helping a lot, so in the long term, I see myself getting off it. Hopefully.

  12. I thought that was fucking All Might for a second there and my heart lit up.

  13. Hello! I am an absolutely newbie and I am hoping this is the right place to ask.

  14. This is going to be absolutely unhelpful, but maybe someone can make something out of it.

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