1. I would assume a true autumn to deep, but I would love to see her in the stronger leaf colors of autumn before assuming deeper tones are better

  2. Somewhere in autumn, likely soft or dark, a lot of olive colors look lovely for you!

  3. Light to true spring, you are warm and light and lovely! Your season never changes, overtone does not change your overall season, it may change what colors you can get away with from other seasons but it doesn't change you

  4. After looking at the TS palette more closely I think I agree! I love wearing bright orange, turquoise and that rich pinky purple tends to look good on me!

  5. Exactly! Bright spring has a ton of sharp colors, and that first dress is just suuuch a true spring look, I think it makes you shine so much! The black did nothing for you in comparison

  6. Is your natural color the cooler root shade? I would love to see a comparison of light vs soft, warm vs cool

  7. Going against the grain, my eye picked you out as brighter and clearer in warm tones, the cool turned you grey. Try posting some physical drapes, no makeup in natural lighting. You look gently warm! Not fully neutral, and most likely not cool

  8. Lower left I’d say, but your photo seems kind of desaturated, like the lighting was off or something.

  9. My skin is really pasty, I have a terrible time taking proper photos

  10. I think drapes are in order! People can take from different seasons, there's more to it than just finding your favorite colors. Also, aquatic blues and soft pinks/reds can be found in spring, winter and a bit of summer

  11. Lol so it really doesn't narrow much down at all! I'll try draping again, I was finding it so hard because imo everything I draped worked against my skin in some way so I turned to the other method of using other people lol

  12. Yeahhh, it's especially hard because if you compare yourself or don't ask for at least semi professional help, you can completely confuse yourself!! Feel free to message me pics if you want a discerning eye

  13. You should attempt a true vs dark autumn! I think those two seasons are probably your best bet so far

  14. Since reading these comments I’ve gone to dark blonde. And it definitely works better. I own ZERO green but I love aqua. I’m definitely going to try some green. I think I’m neutral with some yellow to my skin. But my face is darker than my body so that’s frustrating. I look like a ghost when I wear foundation.

  15. Having a differently toned face is so frustrating! I'd love to see you come back with some more shades of colors if you can, and I bet you look great in aqua.

  16. Thank you for your help! Is there a certain way to go about draping? I don’t know much about it

  17. Thank you, I hadn’t even considered warm spring! I’d be really happy if this were my season because I prefer warm and bold colors regardless of how they look on me. 🙂

  18. Nah, as far as warm spring goes, you got the bill, bright spring not so much. I think warm and full colors that verge on autumn are perfect for you

  19. Do you have any draping photos? I can't decide whether to put you in soft autumn, the summer house, or possibly spring

  20. I added some photos of myself in black and white. Really appreciate your help! I realize I don’t have very many pictures of myself in natural light 😅

  21. I preferred the teal, the eggplant purple, the softer red and true red, and the chocolate brown, and terracotta. The yellows were ok, and I definitely think you lean neutral, but not enough to put you in cool colors, I think the coolest shades made you appear bruised

  22. This happened to me, I had to update the game manually! Check lost and found, and try contacting support?

  23. Go to Benny's place and check the red mailbox by the sign, and make sure to go to the play store and update your game!

  24. I say true autumn, some of the stronger colors look great, and you hold a lot of warmth, and I find the strongest/brightest blue and green overwhelmed you. A near lavender shade, and that bright red, which you wore very well, along with all the classic warm shades you have here, are included in autumn!

  25. You definitely fit somewhere between soft summer and soft autumn! I do not see true summer, you look good in the terracotta, good in the olive, great in the soft teal and plum, and good in greys and yellow

  26. Warm Autumn or Deep Autumn (aka Dark Autumn). Those are two different palettes and I’m not sure which one is better for you.

  27. I also was leaning towards DA! The orange looked too good, and the black overpowered

  28. Try draping some colors! This is one of the worst tests for season, the very small amounts of color barely affect your skin tone. Plus you only have yellow gold and sterling silver here, there are so many shades in between that you could be missing your best metal!

  29. Oh I’ve never heard this take before actually! People have always typed me as dark autumn or dark winter. True Autumn has some strong colours - would these be overwhelming? I think pastels don’t usually work for me and make me feel a little grey or muddy? Unclear is another way to say it if that makes sense.

  30. Teal, peacock green, wine red, a warm cream tone, olive, warm chartreuse, heliotrope, plum, terracotta, pumpkin, mustard, brick red, beige, mocha, walnut, juniper, Dijon, seaweed, and sangria are ALL autumn colors

  31. Thanks for providing that insight! So if we're looking at Autumns instead of Winters, we're looking at potentially True or Soft? Excluding really strong reds and blues, of course.

  32. The blues and reds I'm talking about are from the winter/spring palettes, so mostly bright reds.

  33. I would wonder if you were anything from cool summer to deep winter

  34. I would suggest looking into cool summer and true winter!

  35. That last color, the bricky terracotta red? That looks better than any of the cool colors on you, which make you look tired and shadowed. I would recommend looking further into dark autumn, you have fairly neutral coloring, but I would not say you lean very cool at all

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