1. She barely lifts anything in her videos even in her off season she barely touches weights over 25lb. I know I am going to catch heat for this but it’s something that I have observed by watching her videos.

  2. Andirae what caused you to hate her so much? Either fess up or stop this obsession

  3. Still not a fan… I prefer Laurlie’s look. Jen on stage looks like she spilled over from a carb up…

  4. A co worker once commented when I broke out a protein shake that I was on steroids….My aunt thought anything more muscular then a Victoria Secret’s model I would look to masculine. Let’s see my ex fiancé during my peak week was eating sushi, pizza and ice cream saying I don’t know you can sit there so calmly eating that while someone is eating this right in front of you. He kept saying that about five times and I kept thinking one more time then I’m going to punch you in the face. The saddest comment I heard is when I tried women’s physique, I was 3 weeks out someone at the gym asked if I was dying of cancer….

  5. Most of the shit talk is on gymsnarkunsensored and it’s done by one person: Andirae. Who appears to be obsessed with her. Even created a dedicated Megan Long subreddit. I saw that Goob asked Kerigan Pike in an insta comment for Reddit usernames of people that are really upsetting. I wouldn’t be surprised if Andi was submitted to Goob for a deep dive.

  6. That would be interesting to see Goob uncover this obsessed AndiRae’s identity and the reason for her hate towards Megan Long. In fact, I would love to see that happen..

  7. I do think a lot of the commentary on here is too harsh. I don’t think it’s okay to make fun of someone’s natural phenotype or aesthetic choices. I honestly don’t wanna make fun of ANYONE who isn’t doing something deliberately harmful (I.e. scamming customers). Appearance is off limits for me. Actions are fair game.

  8. You said it perfectly appearance is off limits and actions are fair game. I throughly agree with that 💯

  9. Amy Smart, where did yu go? What happened?

  10. Her and her husband own a winery in my town of Traverse City MI. Awesome people

  11. LL, Erin Stern for bikini and for wellness I love Julie Rene. She’s real and humorous to me

  12. I was with Team Ludachris a couple of years ago. I wasn’t working with Chris directly, although I did for maybe 3 months once my coach left the team.

  13. I will, I hope he is monthly because I would like to get started with him soon to add some size before I compete hopefully next year. I love how the wellness competitors under him look. I loved the coach I was with but too much time has lapsed since I been with him and Chris’ reputation speaks for itself. Plus I love Marisa she’s from my state and pretty cool as heck…

  14. Thank you for filling me in. I’m definitely leaning on getting started with him for a building season to add size to my glutes/hamstrings, prep and reverse.

  15. Ours is now accustomed to heated freshpet with a shaking of parm cheese. If hes hungry enough he might even eat it by midnight. I don't know how we'll ever cope when we have two and this one refuses to eat.

  16. That is how Leo can be with his kibble, it’s one at a time sometimes I have to pretend to it myself to get him to take it. What makes it even more difficult is his older sister a 2 year old Boston terrier hates kibble

  17. I had a pet sitter last week and I could see on the camera he was scoffing all his food instantly! I think they just know, if they hold out, moms scraps are coming.

  18. Lol he does the same thing. My boyfriend just dishes it up and sits it down. Leo just stares at him like is that it?

  19. I definitely recommend as well getting blood work done before starting any kind of cycle. First and foremost consult with your coach/trainer.

  20. Anytime and after talking with your former coach make sure to find a reliable source for it, too many fakes out there that want to rip off people for junk

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