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  1. I’m dying to see the new series… luv Nicholas Lyndhurst… my 2 fave tv shows are Frasier and Only fools and horses

  2. I have to say as a big OFAH fan, seeing that Nick had joined the cast made me a lot more excited about the revival.

  3. Pigeon Street was great. How could he produce something so bad and also something so good.

  4. Oh god Pigeon Street! I've not thought about that in years. I still remember the theme tune though.

  5. I'm so very sorry you're going through this. I'm glad that Frasier is proving to be a comfort to you, as it has been to so many of us in dark moments.

  6. I do it all the time. Sometimes you just need a day to yourself. And as long as you're using your annual leave it's fine. It doesn't matter what you use it for. You do you!

  7. Michael McIntyre is very funny. Seems to be an incredibly unpopular opinion.

  8. I agree. I'm prepared to be flamed here but I like him. I've always found him funny.

  9. First actual unpopular opinion I've seen on here. I'll throw you an upvote although it pains me to do so. A bold take, I respect it.

  10. I'd like to hope that this was very much tongue in cheek on his part, but...I bet it isn't.

  11. Watching the Apprentice on a Friday night (too busy to watch live on Thurs)

  12. "I don't know how to use a map. They are before my time"

  13. I suspect I made the same face as Karen and Nick did when I heard that. What a daft thing to say! Mind you, it's stuff like this that keeps me watching it year after year.

  14. Yes this! I'm such a sad act, that I look forward to it all day on a Friday. Kids in bed, dinner eaten, cup of tea and Apprentice. Lovely.

  15. I remember my Mum used to have a couple of grapes off a bunch as we were going round the shop but she would always pay for the bunch when we were done, and it was never more than one or two grapes. I can't imagine walking through Tesco chomping down on a load of ham.

  16. Wow this is small fry compared to some of the others but for me it's that my folks are moving back to Scotland, leaving us with no family where we are (his parents are 5 hours drive away). All of my family are still in Scotland and I want to go home. We've been searching for jobs for him up there, and he's had a few interviews but so far nothing and we're starting to worry it will just never happen.

  17. I don't have many good ones, sadly. Best I can do is in the context of an M& call centre.

  18. I used to work in a call centre for a large insurance company. There was a man who used to call, hang up if he got a man, but if he got a woman, he would always ask if we were pregnant and really got off on the answer. I got him on the phone and he sounded like a totally normal customer until the pregnancy question. Then his tone completely changed as he described how he would 'put a baby in me' and I hung up (as instructed). They kept blocking his number but he would just call from an unlisted one. I hope he got the help he needed.

  19. Too many, I'm suffering from the opposite problem of running out of space :(

  20. Same! We have over 600 up on shelves in every room (except the loo) and more in the loft. I know I shouldn't buy more but I can't help it!

  21. Too busy romping in the fens and spinneys with your school chums.

  22. As someone who has had two c/'re an arsehole. What a stupid, unfunny, pathetic, pig-ignorant comment to make. And then to compound it by stropping off because your girlfriend was upset?

  23. Don’t date a teacher, they don’t know when to turn it off.

  24. My husband is a teacher and while we have a great marriage, it is definitely true that they can't turn it off. The other partner has to really pick up the slack sometimes with the kids and other responsibilities around the house.

  25. I'm not a huge fan of Jackson but for some reason it really tickles me when he's arguing with Luke about burgers and goes:

  26. I have to say, I actually laughed out loud at this. A proper throw my head back cackle.

  27. I’ve got to say, as an English woman, it’s really weird how many people on this sub know “Only Fools and Horses”. It’s a funny show but I’m surprised how many FrasierHeads know it. It’s soooooooo English.

  28. As a fellow Brit (but not of the English variety) I was surprised too. Pleasantly so. For me, this is like my two comfort shows had a baby and I'm loving the results.

  29. My in-laws do this. Every time they visit they bring along some old tut of my husband's that has been in their loft for decades. That's fair enough but some of the stuff they bring isn't even my husband's. They are periodically emptying their loft and filling ours lol.

  30. I glanced at your profile and can say with confidence that our kids' moms would ALSO be friends!

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