1. They didn’t “drop out” of halo their roster was bought out. Apex makes them no money, Zach and them have pulled in like 66k all year which is ABYSMAL especially when you consider they got 25k for 15th at LAN and another 20k of that for placing 10th in split 2 playoffs. It makes 0 sense to drop a roster in a healthy esport when they are making money but c9 apex was making no money and are at the bottom of pro-league. It’s a mix of them being a bad team and the org not being able to afford it after VAL franchising which costed millions (I heard around 12 million for a spot in VAL). Pretty much all of their moves make sense when you think about it like an actual business, they have to spend a shit ton of money to stay in VAL (where they can make more money, the prize pools are large, viewership is high etc). After they pay millions for that they have to trim the fat of the org and their Apex team is at the bottom of their league and halo is pulling in 1k viewers a day. It makes complete sense that they would off load the second best halo team in the world onto another org who is willing to buy them out and then drop their worst preforming team (apex).

  2. Valorant partnership spots were NOT sold to teams, and C9 only made two major roster acquisitions. That 12 million figure is misinformed.

  3. Hitler woulda liked him too..... dead and in an oven. 21st century Uncle Tom

  4. This is a picture of a good-looking couple from another era. More old-school cool, definitely not a blunder. Thanks for sharing though!

  5. Basically a beefed up radius Ana nade around her that also has a bleed damage effect.

  6. I don't really get the point in that last statement. Their income depends on doing well on tourneys, why would they use anything else but the most busted legends? Doesn't seem strange to me.

  7. Pros can misjudge the strength of legends. Seer is a perfect example.

  8. The impossible zones have been known for months on Twitter. What is the controversy?

  9. Buffing the items first historically leads to assassins and bruisers building them and crowding out tanks.

  10. How did Soldier end up in Lawful Neutral? He's an armed Vigilante. His mission is a personal one, so I can understand not putting him in the Good alignment. He probably shouldn't be lawful though.

  11. My favorite maps were 2CP maps, so it's been a bit rough waiting for them to come back in a reworked form.

  12. Please do make a meme about this Let the META-Chlorians flow through you

  13. My guess for default would be L1/R1 for individual abilities, L1+R1 for unique (E), and stick click (L3+R3) for ult.

  14. haven't touched a controller in years. what do you think the face buttons would do: reload, interact, ___, ___ ?

  15. Not to mention he's gone all in on some rather dubious ethical choices. Jumping on the whole captain thing and then being surprised when a movement based entirely in reactionary outrage attracted the alt right, and trafficking in leaked cards thereby stealing the spotlight from the content creators who were supposed to be the first YouTubers to present them... Mitch showed his true colors a while back, and as a former fan I was disheartened to see that they weren't fun to look at.

  16. Him being in pro is more because of his speed. Speed uptime is high in pro matches, esp now in OW2. His healing output doesn't have to be high. Lucios main thing is speed.

  17. Do you know roughly what % speed uptime is common in OWL?

  18. Not sure about OWL across the board, but I've had it recommended only to use speed boost except for emergencies, and then only heal when you're using amp it up.

  19. I came back from one in a privately owned company, absolutely deserved the pip in that case (honestly just super bored in that position combined with untreated /undiagnosed ADHD) and yeah I got off it by changing roles. Since then, left of my own volition for a higher paying job. I don’t regret leaving as it was good for personal growth but got fired from that shithole publicly traded company while on a pip that was absolutely a deathmarch for things entirely outside my control so they could have a scapegoat for serious internal issues. Most companies have you sign a non-disclosure agreement? This one had me sign a non-disparagement agreement (in return for 2 months severance, after only being there a year.) Almost that entire department turned over in the next year or two.

  20. Were you able to land on your feet in another good job after?

  21. Oh yeah, I’m very lucky to have skills and interests that coincide with what the job market values.

  22. Yeah it’s kinda wild the rate at which pro players have adopted the Vandal. In year 1 almost everyone swore the Phantom was objectively better.

  23. New map designs and meta changes have driven a push to more contact fights, where the Vandal is preferred. Plenty of long sight lines and almost no Astra-Viper combo.

  24. But only 20 or so standard sets from now. There were 7 years between Ravnica and Return to Ravnica.

  25. And only 4 years between Eldraine, 5 for Theros, 5 for RTR to "Return to RTR"

  26. Yes. Product releases have been accelerated recently. If we somehow manage to go 6 years without seeing Strixhaven in a standard set, I'd be shocked.

  27. It sounds like you always want to pick the "best" leader. I also did that for a long time. However now i always pick random leader.

  28. As an American, Lincoln was a flavor miss when labeled as a Great Negotiator. They leaned into martial law, expansive executive power Lincoln instead of Team of Rivals, work with Congress to get Amendments passed Lincoln.

  29. Tell me you're new to League without telling me you're new to League

  30. I'm plat 2 for two seasons now. I'm not new. Just annoyed

  31. Then you certainly understand that tanks are not problematically powerful right now!

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