1. The body dismorphia is real. I don't feel lean enough unless I'm 8 weeks out, and even then...

  2. It's normal, the normal wait time is 18-20 months right now and they won't escalate it until then.

  3. FWIW I did get my approval last Friday 🙌

  4. Nice thanks for the update! Shouldn’t be too long then! 👌🏼

  5. Ohh but the thing is you are on your way to being run into the ground at 25 weeks out at 1500 cals. If he only had you at 2000 calories in the off season he hasn’t done a great job

  6. Yeah exactly honestly even if I did trust my coach overall, 1500 calories this early on in prep is just too little.

  7. These calories sound very low for what I understand is around 25 weeks out?

  8. Finally the LAC D/DD in Pomegranate on WMTM. Just bought one, I've been waiting since it dropped.

  9. We lived in Dallas and road tripped to both coasts to meet our grand babies. First trip with 3 standards and 2nd trip with 4, in a suburban. My wife navigated by dog parks, we had a blast! Found the most amazing dog park in Louisville and the most sketchy one in Memphis😂😂

  10. Wow, 4 dogs! That's amazing. Seems like poodles are a great choice for travelling. Thanks :)

  11. I suffer from anxiety & depression and can say since taking medication it has completely changed my life for the best. Before meds I worked out 4-5 times a week and ate clean. Sometimes people need more than just a good diet & working out to help them. I really hope people talk this over with their doctors before making any decisions on what to do with their bodies.

  12. Same! I also suffer from depression and GAD… A flawless diet, regular exercise, not drinking at all, psychotherapy and a very supportive family wasn’t enough! So f* off to those who think depression can be cured with DiEt and WoRkiNg out. Just doesn’t work that way. I wish because I’d be the (mentally) healthiest woman I know.

  13. So glad you enjoyed it! Also amazing you faced your anxiety and went. Love the day classes, they are usually less packed so this is when I always go ☺️

  14. I currently go to a hot yoga a studio. I love it. I feel like the heat really helps my mind relax more and seems to be helping with my depression/anxiety a little more than other types (well, not heated) yoga. It is also super cold where I am right now and the heat feels amazing. Try it!

  15. I called them. Since it's been more than their normal waiting time (18-20 months), they escalated it. The lady said it should be approved in the next few weeks but she didn't specify the exact time it would take.

  16. Do it ASAP. I have been waiting since February 2021 (yes!!) for my son’s (minor) renewal. They just escalated it because the ‘normal’ wait time is 18-20 months right now.

  17. This made me think she just paid a coach for an 8 week comp prep package. Pretty common thing new competitors do.

  18. I just wish coaches would AT LEAST tell competitors they need 16 weeks (if they are lean enough to start). It takes a while for a coach to know how someone’s body reacts to training, food, PEDs (if not natural) and normal monthly fluctuations. 8 weeks is nothing!

  19. Just an aside—unless you mean high for a prep diet, 2000 isn’t very high especially w cardio

  20. I can maintain at around 2300 in my off season. So I still think around 2000-2100 14 weeks out wasn't really low. I'm 5'4 and around 120-125 pounds. I also have high-ish fats and carbs as well, so it's not like it's 75% protein either.

  21. Her IG bio still says atlas and I know I saw a post or story from James about her and Victoria in the last week or so, so it doesn’t look like it.

  22. I don’t think so! I recently looked at Angeline’s website and you cannot book with Claire anymore.

  23. There is that, but this isn’t anything new. I started my contest journey almost 20 years ago, albeit in figure back then. There were a TON of girls in local shows running all kinds of gear after just a few months training because they wanted to win. All in, starting their own web pages…then burning out quick and hating all the acne and voice changes from ridiculous protocols better suited to men. The difference now is social media AND more women lifting. 20 years ago I was often the only woman in the weight room, now it’s pretty even. With more women lifting and SM and contests making it easier to monetize yourself and get some notoriety, I feel like more women are open to/exposed to peds now.

  24. I pour protein powder + almond milk in Rice Krispies! Love it especially when I don’t want to eat too much. Sometimes it’s just a banana.

  25. From her IG…she caught the flu in Vegas at the Olympia and developed pneumonia. Holy crap.

  26. I do think a lot of the commentary on here is too harsh. I don’t think it’s okay to make fun of someone’s natural phenotype or aesthetic choices. I honestly don’t wanna make fun of ANYONE who isn’t doing something deliberately harmful (I.e. scamming customers). Appearance is off limits for me. Actions are fair game.

  27. Lauralie Chapados posted this a while ago… like 3-4 years maybe more. I tried it once 🤷🏻‍♀️ Felt awful and unsafe and unstable so you can’t load this safely. Never seen it since then (until now), probably because it’s stupid.

  28. I think it’s important when calling out to leanness in isolation as a sign of PEDS to be mindful that a lot of gym people just chronically undereat and stay lean year round (they just don’t make good progress usually). There is a lot of disordered eating/restriction in the fitness world.

  29. This. I'm super vascular year-round, even at a high body fat % and I'm natural.

  30. Stretch when your body is warm. Post cardio or sauna. Hot yoga is also a great recovery tool + improves flexibility.

  31. Hot Yoga has been a game changer for my overall flexibility. 'regular' yoga would probably work as well, I just love being in the warm room especially during winter!

  32. How much do you guys spend on coaching? I’m so stuck on who to go to and if it’s worth it tbh. Finding smaller coaches that are expensive but then big teams that have people coaching under them for more affordable but online and not fully attending. I’m all over lol

  33. I've paid anywhere from $400/monthly (+ posing) to $60 and right now I paid $130/month for my current coach. I've been with him for 1.5 year.

  34. Competing can be expensive, but I think of it as any other 'hobby' or passion (skiing, golfing, etc etc). My husband also loves a very expensive sport that requires travelling, pricy equipement so competing is just another expensive sport.

  35. Leave your hair on your back during your back pose, bikini does not award back muscles and it will count negatively :)

  36. Depends on the federation! I don’t think she’s competing with NPC by looking at her poses.

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