AccordingA6130 sent me a new video proving the 1.2M($24.58M worth) of GME Shares DRS'd. I had them refresh the browser itself. DRS is actually unstoppable. It is legitimately only a matter of time. Tick Tock goes the DRS clock. ⏰🔒🆙🟣

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  1. If the money is rewarded back into the same family did anything really happen?

  2. If the money is rewarded back into the same family did anything really happen?

  3. Can’t run out of money if you short the whole market endlessly... infinity liquidity... god damn it them bastards

  4. Used ai to glitch prices for a minute while using same or different ai to reposition options say opening a lot of puts or calls then jumping price back ... not a glitch but crime organized crime

  5. Reddit mods redacted speech and name your source unlike every other sub on Reddit under pressure from Reddit itself. So instead of openly saying something just say redacted, as it is generally removed so to such narrow guidelines that continue to limit how much is talked about. Because superstonk getting shutdown and a break into smaller pieces might scatter the herd so to speak... superstonk has become a redacted of itself

  6. The withholding of investments from gov means security’s are gonna go down- plunge protection team turned off potentially

  7. Frank dipascali from madoff documentary on Netflix, you can see some similarities

  8. Change tone between window and inside, being in same color tones lends to that empty gray space feeling

  9. You sound like a helicopter parent that isn’t going to let them grow up. If there 12 and your throwing a fit over mc just wait. Over the next years your relationship with them is going to change and you don’t want to be the one they hide everything from, because you’ll lose trust, and ultimately not know them

  10. If you make less than 10-12 an hour and can drive go work as a delivery driver for a pizza company on night shift 4-close and you can average 14-17 up to 20-22 an hour

  11. I feel like they're playing Russian roulette with this debt ceiling.

  12. Bcg handbook remember don’t fix business and load up on debt until bankruptcy

  13. Madoff was running a illegal side business as a ponzi. Griffin runs multiple hedge funds and a market maker front running every trade. To avoid conflict of interest using multiple companies. If you go to the blackjack table with two companies one on black one on red. You take fees from both and file bankruptcy on who didn’t win. It’s a total conflict of interest but not legally since it’s a separate entity, all ken did was take madoffs plan and improve it and sec still useless

  14. How do we get ms warren education on what’s happening so she can bring the hammer down

  15. My sister hid the our stepfather was molesting her and after a year she finally told our mom and literally that night we were packed and left the house after a decade of them being married. Think about your kid. It might be hard but if he is mentally and sounds like physically abusing you it’s time to stop and leave him, my mom at 50+years old moved back in with her mom and slept on a couch To protect us

  16. You’re right that the movie involves a whole lot of fools XD but no, “endgame” describes a portion of the game related to how long the game has been going and what pieces are left. Opening-Middlegame-Endgame is the order that these occur, and this particular position never got beyond the opening phase, much less trading off most material to reach an endgame.

  17. If it’s one move to mate that’s the end of the game it’s the endgame already regardless of how many pieces left

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