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  1. I want to see the 15 seconds prior. Did it suddenly collapse or did they drive into it

  2. There is another ruined portal at -252 79 -305, to get you into the nether quick

  3. in a general, square footage sense, remodeling is essentially always more expensive than new construction, even in single family homes. if your project is big enough it’s always the case that starting from scratch is cheaper

  4. Remodeling specs on this like windows are better quality than in new homes. So part of that cost is just better quality parts. But I don’t know how that applies to an office building

  5. It also has one of the coolest Lush Caves I’ve even seen, you can see its entrance in my pic

  6. “Because [Fox News] is aiding and abetting the destruction of America”

  7. There should be light shining down on top of the hover craft to match the light on the concrete.

  8. It’s an automatic disqualification for being president

  9. Deforestation has lead to a shortage of good software developers

  10. That is not true George Santos likes her. (A little humor)

  11. Im not sure George Santos is human… I mean he has lied about everything else

  12. I’d be happy to wash your brain for you. Free brainwashing!

  13. They put a Russian asset on the Homeland Security Committee.

  14. line up the things Putin is pushing with the things that she is has said, in a time line. She sided with Putin’s agenda 100% of the time

  15. I think you’re Derek, it looks like the most practiced name

  16. It is well known that Lauren Boebert is a complete moron.

  17. Yeah, it’s not clever, it’s just arguing.

  18. Exactly, there’s nothing clever about it

  19. “I want to lie to the American people and I don’t want anyone to be able to call me on my bullshit”

  20. Is it just me or are the nipples placed a little too high?

  21. Joking about sedition isn’t ever funny, you soggy napkin

  22. I can imagine lots of reasons, but why would it be a bad idea to have one pilot?

  23. Hm, sometimes a more descriptive name -even if it’s longer- can help for understanding. Not like this, this is obviously misunderstanding. But if you code in an environment where you could add plugins before, around or after methods and intercept and manipulate them, it should be clear what to expect in this class. Those extension points are often the reason for bugs, so when searching for a bug it’s nice to get directly from the class name the manipulated class context with the purpose, so you can decide whether you open and look inside this file or just went to the next.

  24. Right. The complier, at least in most languages, will simplify the method name when it complies, and it you have something like VisualStudio that can fill in method names, there’s not really a disadvantage to using descriptive method names. I would submit that this is still a poorly named function, but it’s length it’s the actual problem

  25. Umm..good. There’s no reason for a public official to use Tik-Tok as part of their job. But shouldn’t they already be whitelisting apps that on government phones?

  26. Right? No American should be using TikTok

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