1. Well, if you're rewinding to listen to the Playmobil conversation twice, as any normal person would, it'll add up to about that much

  2. This level of honesty deserves to be recognized.

  3. Wow potbelly panda and crumble? Looking at the golden triangle

  4. Costco and Chipotle in that same parking lot. We fancy out here in Leesburg, VA

  5. Not if you shovel it into your mouth in the parking lot like a champion, buddy.

  6. As a gamer and a golfer I sometimes don’t know what sub I’m looking at. Very applicable to both.

  7. Ramis is one of the Mount Rushmore of 80s comedy directing icons, no doubt. I’d fuck with a Ramis miniseries in a heartbeat.

  8. Really nice of you Jelly fan to take some downvoted to get Jelly a victory, reverse psychology and all, respect.

  9. Oh, your character was 90s movies Hugh Grant!

  10. Absolutely this! Play like a befuddled little oddball overwhelmed by everything, and let the world lift you up for it. “Oh…my — pardon me — I couldn’t help, but: if I couldn’t only just — I’ll just be stepping in here (if it’s not so terribly inconvenient.) Sorry again for all the trouble. Hope it hadn’t been a bother.”

  11. Could you make it the guy’s bit? Having a high charisma modifier doesn’t have to mean your a smooth talking hustler. It just means you can use social behavior to inspire a desired behavior from others. If you CRIT a persuasion roll, maybe rather than going once the guard that he forgot you were in the VIP list, you persuade them that you’re too incompetent to worry about.

  12. This was my local McDonalds for four years and I always just thought that was a weird cross walk.

  13. Except Gandolf died in the process

  14. I think this is the first time I've seen someone put Watchmen in S tier. It really is a great movie. A poor adaptation? Maybe, but a very good movie imo.

  15. Batman & Robin is honestly a really fun bad movie. Like, it's not a good Batman movie, or a good movie period - but it's an amazing watch if drunk with friends.

  16. I think the reason Batman & Robin rules is because Schumacher is doing ‘66 Batman. Famous character actors of the moment fight Batman and Robin (and then eventually Batgirl) with the energy of a burlesque show because it’s Schumacher.

  17. I am an ardent Last Jedi fan so if that’s going to bug you, just scroll on by fellow traveler.

  18. I kind of love playing big open world games this way. The experience you can gain just going place to place gives a cool sense of scale to an adventure like that, IMO.

  19. I know this isn’t what OP means literally, but there is an interesting Ship of Theseus thing with each generation of Pokémon where each generation is relatively similar to the ones on either side of it, but when compared over a long time span, they seem entirely unrelated.

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