1. Mai us time PCM me tha, aur wo Commerce me, pta nhi kya coincidence hua ki Maths aur commerce wale ek hi class me the.. Us in board ka exam tha, centre bhi same the, 50+ classes me se class bhi ek hi mili..

  2. और अच्छा हो सकता था, मल्टीप्ल फ्रेम की जगह स्लो मो में फोकस कर सकते थे।

  3. That's something for the state government not central this project is done by center and your gali road are maintained by state get some information

  4. Gully roads are far maintained than main roads. So, we pay taxes for centre made roads only. Cyrus mistry's accident happend on which govt. road. And Rishabh panth addcident is not road fault.

  5. उर्फी से ज़्यादा कपड़े पहनी है ये।

  6. पार्टी का खाना खाए बोहोत टाइम भी हो गया होगा।

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