1. No. You'll be vilified. There's no win for you so stay to yourself and if he does abuse her (because maybe he changed, doubtful but maybe) then you can say "oh he did that to me too"

  2. I bought one a year ago, my cat hated it. I returned it. I was really disappointed

  3. I have food, great friends and a family. I have a roof over my head and i am doing okay in life

  4. FitOn is a free app with tons of workouts from 3 minutes to hours. It's easier to view on TV but you can follow on phone too

  5. I vote to remove absolute immunity from judges, politicians and the DA

  6. I don't know how I can help but if I can please tell me what you need. Sorry this happened, hoping for some quick healing

  7. Ooh look at that 'stache, I know he was proud of that growth!

  8. Several people raised red flags about him, no one listened at PIB. Typical. I hope his wife divorces him and takes his pension!!

  9. I had to go to Bass pro shops off 12. But I travel that way.

  10. I shipped a banjo from the one on canal at Allen Toussant. Easier than expected

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