Cleansed Window

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  1. Shoulda said bitch I'm blind how tf I supposed to know what colour it is?!

  2. https://giphy.com/gifs/Dt7BMNcV7ZQOI

  3. Social media’s constant chase for affirmation, Celebrities doing things we don’t relate to but promote , and sadly a lot of the people we interact with the most

  4. For about a week until someone decides to make a lot of glass

  5. https://giphy.com/gifs/hvGKQL8lasDvIlWRBC

  6. I'm more pissed off it says assassins creed style. That's fucking hitman, or so many examples.

  7. I think he means the new assassins creeds because of how bad the stealth is

  8. Then he'd have walked in with strange super powers and gigantic impractical weapons and a pointless glowing outfit if that was the case. (In all seriousness, origins was pretty great but they lost their minds after, but that's true for every ubisoft game after that point too).

  9. Sad that it’s being nice like that which leads to predatory types like her

  10. She gets more in a month than most get for 18 years of support. It really hits different. These numbers are hard to digest.

  11. In America marriage is a semi-long term investment nowadays

  12. Yeah I'm getting a lot of mixed answers but yours makes the most sense. I'm probably just not going to get high for a month or two and see how they feel.

  13. Invest in lung cleansing materials from the likes of Muelin to mechanical items like there’s this machine that you insert some medicine in and it cleanses your airways

  14. I can’t select new missions because of this glitch

  15. https://giphy.com/gifs/zvLtpFohdLJQ9YLr8p

  16. Woah! Sounds like a place with a story

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