1. Vex template is the hardest one to find, and using a netherite trim on gold armor is not something a rational person would do

  2. You only need one of the templates and then you can craft more. It's not that rare

  3. Found a grass block in the middle of a forest

  4. The funny is that this person is a pick me girl with pink hair. And she acts like a discord kitten at the age of 15

  5. I never understood what a discord kitten is

  6. An insecure teenage girl that uses discord and acts all "cutesy"

  7. Now that you've told me is there any way I can unlearn that

  8. Man, I love watching rich peoples stuff getting trashed.

  9. And what did he do to you? That's right. Nothing

  10. Most of it is already on pixiv or rule 34 though

  11. So you're not allowed to be near others if you don't shower daily? Grow up

  12. I’d go for the seven twin cam if you’re targeting the hill climbs, or the FHC if you want to win the dirt slaloms

  13. 46 rq Elise sprint beats the elan fhc on Forest slalom

  14. Not sure if being locked in with a seatbelt in that crash would have been better then getting ejected out.

  15. who cares? it's not like you're getting paid lol

  16. If it directly helps your anxiety or you get a positive feeling from it, that’s sincerely great and I don’t mean to extend my feelings towards that. Mostly going for people who mindlessly rewatch something to no gain

  17. Wow I wonder if anybody else on this subreddit has had this issue in the last 12 seconds /s

  18. It just adds one additional step, finding an upgrade template, and an additional cost in 7 diamonds to duplicate the template. How is that controversial?

  19. Yes everyone that has bedrock edition is part of a cult that's being spread through a virus

  20. What? You're telling me I could have used glow stone instead of end rods all this time???

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