1. Can't pop tubes on a tubeless setup ;)

  2. This I think doesn't explain that huge wattage. I am 90 kg rider and manage to ride 31 kph average at around 200 watts for a hour ride on Canyon Endurace on a flat route. Riding on hoods all the time. So 100 watts for 1 kph faster seems really strange.

  3. I'm 190cm and 95kg and the only way I'd hit 31kph at 200w would be if I had a tailwind. I generally average 29-31kph doing 260-300w and this is on a local velo so relatively flat and no concern for traffic etc.

  4. It’s because the code you’re seeing isn’t the code the engineers wrote. In my case, PHP (not exactly, just a framework that is like PHP) is compiled to HTML that looks completely different. The PHP is beautiful and maintainable, while the HTML output is not meant to be something easy to look at.

  5. This is exactly why I have 0 inspiration to work at a FAANG - it feels like hype to write bad code for someone "cool".

  6. Prev IG Frontend here. The code you see isn’t written by one person in HTML. Components are often written in multiple languages (PHP and React are common) and then compiled into the other language so they can be used in different teams. Reusable components are deeply nested and need to be data-agnostic so they can be used across IG, FB, VR, etc. Pages are compiled to HTML from the nested React/PHP components.

  7. React is especially prone to this. It's often that devs will create helper components that simply wrap/add classes for styling. Ideally if it's a green fields project it's best to try and limit this as this can cause memory bloat/leaks and isn't ideal best practices.

  8. Man, I can't imagine going back to raw JS after working in TS so much. I have a dozen side projects, and all are TS. Can't go back to water when you've tasted wine.

  9. I hold some pretty unpopular opinions around here and that is definitely one of them.

  10. I’m with ya, there’s a time for using TS and package management, and there’s a time for just knocking out some reliable JS that doesn’t require any build processes.

  11. The ice thing about going back to js is you can skip compilation and a lot of other bs. I can totally get behind this for small projects where the amount of js being written doesn’t justify npm or compilation.

  12. Can I download activities from other users without premium? I recall not being able to do that on free, but may very will be mistaken.

  13. The cautionary tale is more don't take so much VC money. They dont care about your company's long term success they want large returns ASAP.

  14. Absolutely, it should be pretty clear considering they usually offer something like:

  15. Very nice! Great to see the drag component vs using some lib for that feature 👍🏻

  16. Keep in mind that the free advice you’re getting here is worth exactly what you paid for it. (Including this)

  17. What qualifications does your LBS have? Every LBS I've gone to has plenty of practical experience but I'd question their materials or engineering knowledge. 100% would contact the actual manufacturer over any old LBS.

  18. I run that on my gravel bike (1x Shimano with a SRAM 10-42 cassette).

  19. Big jumps are less an issue with cadence practice - often you can avoid a gear change with +-5rpm and if the cadence is more than that a gear change won't feel like a massive jump.

  20. If you can tell me what FED looks like in 15-20yrs I'll tell ya if you should be worried.

  21. I love how everyone bashes optical HR. I've got a Garmin 745 and have worn it for a couple years now comparing with both a BLE HRM and a whoop device at various periods. I found that during workouts (rides not runs) it was pretty much always within 5% or less of the other devices. Perhaps the issue is how tight and where on the arm people are wearing them but my experience doesn't match what others have had.

  22. Nah, the best answer is at the top where OP says the outdoor ride had a number of stops/sharp turns. Result is avg watts will appear lower due to time at 0w.

  23. Mine has always been higher outside. I usually put it down to several factors:

  24. It’s funny that you can buy a new bike with SRAM Rival even though it’s discontinued and horrible out of date.

  25. I’d say the crazier thing is that it’s a $6k+ bike with rival on it. There’s equal quality carbon bikes that cost that same price with a better groupset.

  26. This bike did not cost over $6k, it was a touch over $4k.

  27. Best to specify currency/location mate. It looks like it’s the sport model which in Australia is over $6k.

  28. The son of the founder, and owner, of Specialized started the Supacaz bar tape company, so maybe that’s where you can find that textured foam feel these days. Their flagship style Super Sticky Kush would be a good place to start.

  29. Sadly it’s not the same. The roubaix comes with a nice specialized tape which I’ve tracked down to some specialized shops but it’s not online and a bit hard to find. One of the nice points about it is that it’s not overly textured, not overly slick (or sticky), and has a suppleness to it.

  30. I've noticed these kinds of questions popping up with increased frequency, but the basic answer remains the same. AI will definitely change the landscape of web development; however, I don't see it eliminating web developer jobs. On the contrary, I think it will make them more interesting and impactful. Those who embrace AI and incorporate it into their projects will experience a significant boost in productivity. If you're wondering how to take advantage of AI tools like ChatGPT, I've shared my thoughts in this post:

  31. The first point is interesting and sadly I don’t think it’s actually viable for all applications and for many would highlight a warning. Be thoughtful about what data you’re passing and asking it to format, perhaps the better option would be to sit it for a mailing function that you can run your data through as it’s not an overly complex task and falls a bit more into the last code generative example.

  32. | The Campagnolo allows you to shift into any gear

  33. I’m not a fan of live coding personally, but what I have experienced is that it can be a nice way to see dev process as well as how collaboration works. For example, one of the tests I did was more collaborative where we did more of a pair coding task. This made it clear how we each worked and gave us an idea of what it’d be like in a real work context.

  34. Roles/teams would all be an internal part of what you’re building. NextAuth from my understanding is a way to get/store auth credentials in a secure way. How you implement teams etc is part of your data and api structure and totally dependent on what you’re building.

  35. Think for most you have to list it as a separate high value item, which of course brings an increase to the premium

  36. Always worth asking, I had mine added as a valuable item but it had no impact on our premium.

  37. Do you have the setting enabled which hides your exact start and finish locations? I do, and my start and end points are similarly greyed out. That does not affect my time.

  38. Yes they do - this can be seen in the image where it says "start and end hidden" ;)

  39. Got a used bike with maxxis refuse on it and had several of these same bumps. Pulled it off and popped it open to find casing/tread were separating. front had something similar, i topped up sealant and popped them and it's still rolling fine and holding air.

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