1. No Ankeny? Mama Bear alone should make it warrant consideration.

  2. Like I just said one is for sure a good thing and helps society with food and produce. But let’s hand out money to all the college kids who use their student loan money to buy nothing related to college and alcohol

  3. The ‘do you like to eat’ argument assumes that another farmer wouldn’t step right in and buy out the less successful farmer. I know a lot of farmers, some in my extended family, who expanded operations by purchasing farms that were struggling.

  4. it's bonkers how these folks have the support of the most powerful people in iowa

  5. Some of the things that have happened recently in the Linn-Mar district have me concerned that Marion might be edging towards Ankeny territory.

  6. Vocal pushback by a group of parents about the district’s policy on the school following the student’s wishes regarding pronouns/preferred name , not being outed to parents, etc. Reynolds and Hinson also met with a select group of parents including at least one board member for an unadvertised meeting at a city park facility on this topic.

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