1. I made a 25k exp on factory last night. I'm having a great time with SPT. Loving it.

  2. same, not as much luck as last night though. 4 deaths in a row to goonies and reshala for the last one

  3. She probably isn't interested in you as you are already established as friends now. Women tend to not develop feelings for their male friends as often as men develop feelings for their female friends. If you want to get a girlfriend, you should hit on women early. Not become their friend first. There's a reason people call this the "friendzone". You don't want to be friends with women you want to date, just like you don't date people that you want to be friends with. Don't mix and match these two. Be clear from the start.

  4. Have you checked the small shack behind the mechanic shop? And perhaps importing will help?

  5. There's only one I know of working atm, Northfolk Clothing. You can find it here with all the rest of the mods.

  6. for some reason that mod doesent work for me. i already have it installed

  7. Bingo, i feel like an idiot now cause ive been so lost for the past hour xD

  8. its fucking gone. my computer crashed and autosave apparently doesn't exist

  9. Is that your garbage you put on the highway?

  10. I think its a little early to ask if it's good, since it looks like you're still working on milestones and early progression! Keep on playing and expanding and if you can manage the various problems that arise then I'd say you're doing a good job.

  11. i just added a library, high school, quays, and am planning to make another district on the other side of the river with a canal, etc

  12. BTW it has a fire house, police station, clinic, and elementary school.

  13. omg it was so funny, cant stop laughing

  14. sounds similar to the game im trying to find. look at my posts and tell me if it matches up. if so, tell me the game.

  15. BTW i think it had italian/roman architecture on the buildings, that you would walk around. might of also been open world, or a desperados style game. it was also top down and possibly at a 25* angle making it 2.5d

  16. boujee? not good on slang, but only work i can think of

  17. oops! forgot to add description. it was a medieval RPGgame, and i think you fought either zombies, or ogres, and you can play as humans, and possibly orks and other races. i think it had a currency system, and even skills.

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