1. yup! for me, my lupus caused dysautonomia, which makes my heart rate go up sooooo high sometimes, usually randomly but also when i’m doing anything physical. but i’m on a beta blocker now that definitely helps!

  2. most of my joint pain is a deep deep ache. doesn’t really matter if i’m moving or not, it hurts. it’s kinda a hot ache, if that makes any sense. less often, mostly in my feet and hands, i get sharp pains when i move them.

  3. https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/tractor-supply-pine-pellet-stall-bedding-40-lb

  4. i have never really gotten the typical butterfly rash, but i’ll go thru periods of time where every night for weeks my cheeks will turn bright red and literally burn to the touch. for funzies i’ll take the temperature of just my cheeks and they’ll be like 102 but my forehead will be normal. i have those under eye jelly things that’s you leave in the fridge, and when my cheeks get like that i’ll just use those to cool them!

  5. Interesting! Do you use one of those scanning thermometer that they use at doctors offices?

  6. HCQ started hurting my eyes so i had to stop taking, then my doc put me on imuran. took a few months to kick in but i feel SO much better!! i feel more normal than i have in so long. i still feel pain in my joints, but it is so much more manageable. and my liver and kidney have been looking a lot better than they have in awhile. and my energy levels have been a lot higher. some days are still hard, but i have accepted that that’s just my life now and i will take what i can get.

  7. i got the same thing real bad, doc told me it was because my lupus caused me to have a vitamin b deficiency. i take supplements everyday which have been helping! i hardly get them anymore

  8. i got common viruses more often than others and also i don’t remember a time where i wasn’t constantly exhausted. even as a kid i never had any energy

  9. had terrible GI problems until i was a few months into taking Imuran! i was always nauseous and severely constipated, but now all that is only occasional.

  10. i have a rescue 6 year old mini lip whose blind and deaf also! here are the only big differences between him and an able bodied bun -

  11. definitely purchase an air purifier and keep in near the buns pen/where the litter box is gonna be. i also love candles and other smelly good stuff, just dont have anything with a strong scent too close to the bun

  12. i have really terrible arthritis/joint pain. it was one of my first major symptoms

  13. i had a very traumatic childhood and early adolescence, and there’s a lot of history of autoimmune diseases in my family

  14. i never had a rash but my vision went WACK. like my eyes went in and out of focus randomly and everything was so blurry. called rhuem and they told me to stop taking and within a few days it was normal. taking imuran now

  15. i’m just about to turn 19(f) and i’ve been occasionally using a cane for the past year when my hip joint or knee hurts too bad to walk properly. i still get so embarrassed when i have to use it (especially on campus) and my embarrassment has sometimes caused me to not use the cane even though i should’ve, often making my pain worse :/ ive definitely got some stares but no one has ever said anything to me. i’m in therapy working on my confidence and it has definitely improved lately, ive been trying really hard to not give a fuck.

  16. i would consider myself pretty feminine and i tend to be attracted to very feminine girls

  17. i can’t remember a time in the past few years when i haven’t been exhausted. literally haven’t felt actual energy in years.

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