Congrats to the Fed for TOTAL victory over inflation

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  1. Do you think RC is going to buy that 60m penthouse in Manhattan I saw on YouTube a couple of days ago?

  2. You don't tell me what to do. I YOLO wherever the fuck I want to YOLO

  3. Dude. You made RC rich. Now its time to post loss porn and move on.

  4. Unfortunately no which is sexist really - Maybe we should start a social cause at WSB for equal pay

  5. Market has got 2023 totally wrong. This is a new economic era when market goes down or recession persists but fed is unable to cut rates as inflation is running high. The inflation is down by half a percent and gas price is down 25% ish in July. Does no one see the problem here. Its a spiral of wage inflation a commodity inflation. One is causing other to happen. Look at fed funds rates between 1970-1980. Fed cut rates inflation goes up, inflation didnt come down until fed funds rates went well above 20%. We are pricing below 3% and expecting inflation to magically go away. 1970-80 is a lost decade in stock market. S&P 500 stayed at 100 for a decade. We are long way from normal growth and inflation regime.

  6. That resonates with me. At least there is a significant risk this will happen with global supply chains contracting in inefficiencies, central banks such as in Europe unable to raise interest rates to any level that isn’t extremely accommodating and FED under pressure already now to cut rates (not even neutral and QT hasn’t even started…)

  7. I’ll throw out another angle - there are firms with longer dated liabilities (pensions, insurance etc) so for them it’s just asset-liability matching and the goal isn’t to make money. So all the want is certainty in future cash flows to pay off an estimated liability at the end of the term. So if you’re someone who is set to be paid $5 in twenty years coz you’ve worked at some company, all I would care about is taking your current contribution and investing it in something relatively safe and paying you that $5 in twenty years. Forget that with inflation your $5 is meaningless unless you have a pension indexed to inflation which still isn’t great In the mean time with all the interest rate moves over that long period of time you use swaps to hedge your rate risk

  8. Thanks. Good additional angle. Difficult to put this into perspective/proportion of the entire market for me, but definitely something to consider

  9. I do briefly check the loss porn in the morning before I randomly buy options

  10. I learned that I'm a retard and should never trade financial derivates ever again

  11. I feel like you are not sufficiently taking into account our craving to see loss porn over here

  12. Alright listen closely, this is what you do: Take a white 🖊, make a horizontal line at the center of the - sign where is says -$1,033.26. Then take a screenshot as proof. With that sort of solid evidence in your hands, they will have to pay you a thousand bucks instead of you paying them

  13. You mean vertical? I know its all the same, just sayin...

  14. Oh my god yes. Thanks for the correction. Now his screenshot will make sense

  15. Oh wow you have access to passive income with stock lending :surprise:

  16. That is so true. Or, in the alternative: 🐻 overshoots the market correction, 🐻 is massacred, more loss porn. Either way, fun times ahead

  17. Before doing anything else, get a map and check out the closest Wendys. See if they are hiring. If they do, you are good to go

  18. You charts have so many pretty colorful lines, you must know your stuff

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