1. VT one is amazing, but every time you click you leave the book :( This one is really fluid (atleast thats the hope)

  2. That seems... very complicated when compared to this one

  3. Eh, to each their own. I prefer the more precise movements of the vanilla tweaks one, myself. Way easier to detail when it has consistent incriments, especially on projects involving invisible armour stands

  4. Would be pretty fun seeing his rise from captain in the Clone Wars to joining the rebellian

  5. Kenobi Season 2 with Hondo. Make it so Hondo thinks Obi Wan dies by the end, so it still fits with Rebels

  6. Personally I always preferred Ar-kay-us, since Silvally's (aka man-made attempt at god) is the RKS system. Plus the phone in Legends Areceus being called the Arc Phone would be pretty awkward if it was a soft c

  7. The mods are 100% a bit mad with power, though this post isn't the best place to say it, since this one actually IS just some run of the mill low effort meme

  8. When playing offline, Minecraft is incapable of connecting to the skin servers. When it cannot connect to the skin servers, it defaults to a skin assigned via your UUID number, which cannot be changed.

  9. For the same reason ya don't leave floating trees, sky bridges, or the like. It's a somewhat unspoken rule among more building centric communities and players that unless it's a part of a build, you should keep the surface clean, pretty, or otherwise in it's natural state

  10. Looks vaguely ritualesque to my limited magical knowledge. Fairly simple if it is, though - would probably take a lot of raw power to do much. You guys got any legendary set of four over there?

  11. Not a set of four, but apparently there's something massive way deep down. I read about it in the school library, though I don't know if it's a Pokemon or not. It's said to cause the Tera phenomenon though, and the entire crater is full of crystals and powerful Pokemon. The whole area is super magical

  12. In smaller towns outside the influence of Capital Cities, it is common to hunt tribal Florafolk in the woods and make them into salads. Its become so commonplace that even Florafolk who live in these towns have been conditioned that it is okay and will partake

  13. No. Adept Casters have attempted to in the past, but nothing alive or innanimate -even the primordial gods themselves- are strong enough to channel the magic required without vaporizing one's self. The closest that has been managed is severe time diolation by means of anchoring oneself to light-infused materials. This also usually ends in death, though.

  14. This is such a good use of this being a prequel. We know how Andor dies, and they know we know. By parroting it here, they are able to tell us "a part of him just died" so much more clearly than dialogue ever could.

  15. All of my server management has been in roleplay servers, and custom resource packs make it WAY more engaging for roleplay and worldbuilding

  16. Then again, piglins aren't known for their intelligence.

  17. Given what we've seen in other MC games like Dungeons, they are intelligent enough to make vehicles and large scale mining equipment (As seen in the environment in the first level of the Nether). While they may not have the same innovations in MC Core, that doesn't change the fact that they're smart enough to do it in the first place. They just lack the know-how

  18. What if instead of just having different colours, all book types (other than Enchanted books) could be dyed, and enchanted books would have the latch(?) that's on them be visable on the shelf

  19. Does an observer block give a redstone signal if a diamond block it's pointing to? Observer sends a redstone signal when a block has an update, but I don't know if a block in the process of being mined does anything?

  20. The most subtle way would be an observer to redstone ore. Walking on the ore lights it up, triggering the observer

  21. I like that we all forgot about skulk sensors

  22. Makes a sound and particle when triggered, has a higher chance of being noticed

  23. Wait, is this scene in BOTW? Suddenly I feel terrible for running around enjoying the game rather than completing the story and saving Zelda...🥲

  24. Yep, one of the last memories (chronologically) you get

  25. Empty your E Chest, and fly out in the nether until you are nowhere near civilization with nothing but stuff for a portal, a bed, and a pick. Go to the overworld, set your spawn, break the portal, and burn everything but the bed.

  26. O gods of the multiverse, grant me your luck so I may one day kill you BUT look damn good doin' it!

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