So uh.. 1.3M per share? Yeah I just had that again. "glitches, right"

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  1. As eastern European, those western commie loving tankies are often getting on my nerves. I was even banned from some tankie sub lol. Conversation with these idiots goes usually like this:

  2. The concept of communism isn't a bad idea. the concept of many ideologies aren't bad ideas. Unfortunately we live in a reality where the rich will always pervert and subvert every system to benefit themselves at the expense of everyone else. It's stupid to push any political ideology because there's zero chance of any of them ever being instituted for any significant amount of time before they're subsumed by the rich.

  3. poor bait. don't eat the rich cause the rich will always be trying to eat you? ffs

  4. Of course eat the rich. Just stop thinking that any government will ever give you a fork, regardless of what their label is.

  5. I see so many of the vasectomy posts on reddit. Hey, whatever you want to do, but people posting what their wives or girlfriends bought them with their good boy points is absolute cringe.

  6. The comments on this post are starting to make me realize there are a LOT of snipped Redditors and they really don't like their snip jobs being made fun of.

  7. "Talent". Yeah, because when you think of an occupation that has had a long and storied history of talented and intelligent people, politicians are always right up there. 😁

  8. These have been running for a while.

  9. It's a good thing we've got Trudeau at the helm for the crash. Imagine if we had a PM who wasting our tax dollars on pushing their party's nonsense agendas or calling random elections nobody wants, throwing cash at FOTW charities, and using their position to help their corporate friends commit financial fraud.

  10. So, BlackRock fucked up and was over leveraged on pension funds they manage, and rather than taking the loss, they extorted a bailout from taxpayer money?

  11. Capitalism baby. Privatise the profits socialise the losses. Too big too fail.

  12. Print more wallow in your opulent lifestyle let your kids and grandkids foot the debt once you're dead. Boomerism in a nutshell.

  13. I was mining gold becouse we got all the objectives done, and suddenly our driller blew me up and tried to leave me behind... Later I got revived by the gunner (sorry for the blue lines appearing and dissapearing, but I don't have any editing softwares downloaded and I was using the tools I had.)

  14. For some reason people have fostered this idea that blowing up Scout=funny and acceptable. The reason it became a meme is because bad driller players were doing it so much accidentally. It's never been or ever will be an accepted practice in my games and I will treat it like griefing.

  15. I am really hoping one day for an escort mission with 2 stops and just before each stop it pops a dread egg. That would suit a EDD so well and make it so crazy.

  16. Me personally I'm hoping for dread main objective dread secondary objective EDD. 12 dread fights. In Fungus bogs with nothing but goo floors. Low O2 for each stage.

  17. I like the videos where he’s actually giving his opinion on something and talking to his audience but yeah the reaction videos are actually shit. I remember when almost every major YouTuber got really up in arms over reaction channels back in like 2016-2017 and I’d like to know what the hell changed because from what I understand that’s still revenue the other channel isn’t getting

  18. They never thought they'd get bored of playing games or run out of steam making skits but when it's your job and you have to do it minimum 3 times a week or perish because your fickle audience will dump you they invariably get burnt out and just throw up their hands and coast. No one's morals endure potential poverty.

  19. Also a neat (cheese) tactic - the rig can't be climbed by bugs since only the lower half seems to be coded as a terrain. So if you stand on top of the pistons or rocket itself, bugs will not be able to attack you in melee unless you're extremely close to the ceiling. Makes all refinery missions cakewalks when you're Scout or Gunner who can get up there with a zip.

  20. My silvering beard couldn't help but notice: as scout you should make more use of the mobility tools you are given - zip to higher spots and snipe big game from there. you're not much help running around in the danger zone, sniping single grunts because they are getting too close. if you move away you're also less likely to block your fellow dwarfs AoE capabilities. And you contribute to weaken the swarms via pulling off aggro from your team mates all the same - only the bugs will never get to you. Anyhow, just sone meta advice. if you and your team mates have fun playing, you're doing it right. keep on rocking and stoning!

  21. Yeah if this was a real sweaty Haz 5 swarm and the Scout kept cluttering up and sandbagging me I'd be very annoyed and wouldn't feel bad when they inevitably got downed by friendly fire.

  22. NYC's justice system is going to send them to their time out corners for 30 minutes and they won't get their juice boxes during their afternoon snack.

  23. It's interesting watching New York steadily degrade back to the grimy urban hell hole it was before the 80s/90s gentrification. I wonder which city will become the new "It" city for America's privileged class.

  24. I am an XXX holder. When we hit 1.3M, I will still be an XXX holder. The endgame is prison for people that deserve much worse.

  25. Not in this system. The right shareholders will get rich so they don't care. The wrong ones will be left holding the bag and will send angry letters to regulators that will go directly to the shredding machine. They were warned multiple times but what can you do?

  26. Ha ha ha I wonder how much this dude sold his Reddit account for. Hope he used whatever they gave him to buy more GME.

  27. Sad fact is the mantra to just cooperate and get them out of the store as fast as possible to avoid injury seems to be more and more of a gamble now. I remember seeing one relatively recent video of a man who tied up the store clerk and then for no reason at all attempted to set them on fire. Needless and pointless, they already had the money and could have just run and faced a robbery charge at worse but instead they got attempted murder. For what? Nothing. And now this poor guy is going to have lifelong disabilities. And for what?

  28. The robot rebellion paintjob on weapons isn't class coloured despite it's icon clearly being class coloured and it enrages me. Same with a bunch of cosmetics they recently released like Space Biker and Balaclava and Scorpion Mask. Make things class coloured by default and if it's popular enough add in a secondary universal colour if need be. Reeeeeeee

  29. Strongly disagree. I think that is a really strange take considering how random the game is. No matter how good you are sometimes the game decides it wants to murder everyone and it’s basically impossible not to go down. It can depend on the terrain too, sometimes it’s just horrible terrain for dealing with a large swarm especially if the enemies spawn right on top of you and there’s no good place to fight from and so you run away and run into a Bet-C or Tyrant Weed, etc.

  30. I got hundreds of hours in this game and the amount of times I die to baffling BS I had no way of mitigating is mind boggling. I've had Slashers zip up over a cliff edge and insta kill me in .5 of a second. I've had bugs I couldn't see down me through walls or the refinery grating because if an obstacle is thin enough they can attack through it (including exploders). I've had team mates drag attacks onto me without my knowing and am suddenly splashed by a bunch of mactera or spitballer or patrol bot projectiles. I've been flung across all time and space by the physics engine for accidentally stepping on a bugged incline. I've been blown away by friendly fire. Etc etc etc.

  31. Blue perks basically come down to IW/FM/Dash with some people taking Beastmaster (it's not as good as the big 3 but a lot of people seem drawn to it, personally I think it's a very bad perk but I won't get into that). The other blue perks very from being incredibly niche to outright useless:

  32. I've yet to see one chinese lobby that wasn't using cheats

  33. It's unfortunate but I personally have consistently had problems with those players. Same with Russians. Not all of them but consistently enough that if I see one join the game I immediately go on edge.

  34. This shows the power of the media, not just in what they report but also what they don't report. The media is keeping quiet whilst all the big money gets out and then as soon as they're out the media will report the drops as if they're the end of the world and all the panic will begin.

  35. Well yeah. The media and big money aren't different entities. The media is owned by big money. Why would they screw themselves over?

  36. APE was basically just stealing from popcorn holders. Hey, you don't have a choice, we're ripping equity from the stock to create this other stock which we can sell 4.5 billion shares of because we don't have any original popcorn stock left. Fuck you. Thanks for the money. By the way, hedgies can now use APE to cover short positions because at some point we're going to convert. Fuck you, again.

  37. Shorts don't need the new stock to cover, they already mostly did during the original dilution and back in June 2021 when the price skyrocketed to the 70s and slowly bled out over a few months. The equivalent at the time would've been GME rocketing to 300+ and staying there instead of being immediately smacked down like it always is.

  38. Seems like really bad acting.

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