1. In the UK a lot of people call a ballpoint pen a "biro" for similar reasons.

  2. In Italy we do have an optional religion class, it's only for catholic religion though. It's not mandatory but it's your parents who sign the papers with the school to decide if you have to attend or not...so if you don't want to attend, but your parents want you to, you have to go. We learn anything about catholicism (mainly its history) and starting from the the fourth year of primary school (at least in my experience) we also start to learn about other Christian religions, Judaism, Islamism, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Shintoism and other animistic and polytheistic beliefs, sometimes, if my teachers had contacts, they would bring people, who profess those beliefs, to talk about it in class and we could ask any questions we wanted. One of my religion teachers really liked yoga, meditation and the five tibetan rites so we would also have classes in the gym to practice those. The three last years of high school the focus was more on ethics but we would only have discussions between us, nothing was forced on us, the teacher would bring newspaper articles about a topic ( like war, plastic surgery, surrogate mothers, euthanasia, prostitution,etc.) or movies to watch, like My Sister's Keeper or Juno, and the teacher moderated the discussion and continued to ask questions to keep it going but never offered an opinion (unless we asked). Those years, when we would do Ethics, even the kids whose parents didn't sign them up for religion classes would actually stay and participate in the discussions because they thought they were interesting.

  3. i’ve been watching April for a while now, and my takeaway has always been that she’s advocating more strength training for petite woman in order to boost the amount of calories we “can” eat at maintenance bc muscle helps the metabolism. I guess in her experience she’s seen lots of petite women do lots of cardio and eat not enough food, so she pushes for the opposite, bc as petites we naturally have a smaller calories allowance and if being in a deficit is hard for you, you might do better with more strength training.

  4. Sweeping statements like, “no petite people can lose weight from cardio” is like saying all SUV’s only can seat 5 people (we know this isn’t the case). Bodies respond differently to exercises and lifestyles. We all gain and lose in different places. You have to find what works for you and your body. What gives you the best results?

  5. I honestly don't know because I haven't had results, that's why I'm asking but I'll try to incorporate both cardio and strength training into my routine and see what happens. Thank you!

  6. I think you could be SD. I think you look taller than you are and look amazing in the long black dresses, not as good in the shorter ones, but you still look very cute

  7. I'm not an expert but I think you may be an R. I definitely see width and I think you need waist accomodation

  8. I think you're definitely in the Romantic family but I'm not sure wether it's TR or R...I don't see a lot of width so I think you lean more on the TR side

  9. She looks great in everything so it's a bit hard, but I think she looks better when the line is broken, like you said. She could be an FG in my opinion

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