1. Fat Tony and Gas Man (thought you meant gas pipe for a second) are definitely in their own tiers. Rizzuto could just right below them tho… hard to say for sure. I mean, Vito was going to put up the money for a bridge connecting Sicily and Calabria just for money laundering purposes.

  2. Tony spent most weekends at his upstate estate with his wife and kid.

  3. Follow up: spoke with General and they are sending coupons for new cans and an envelope to send the bad cans back to them to check out.

  4. Little update for you guys: I went back to same store earlier this week and told the guy about it when I got a new can. He said to open them up in shop to make sure we don’t have any future issues. Was good to go on Monday - yesterday got another bad can. He confirmed it’s off and smells “like you left a towel in the wash for a week” so it wasn’t just in my head. Swapped me out for another can which was good to go.

  5. Drink lots of water and just chill. Everything will be good. It lasts a while, maybe take some CBDs if you need to round it out and not feel so blasted.

  6. I appreciate it - I’ll be fine. I’m just surprised - I’m a HEAVY bud smoker and this is the first time an alt has felt like the big leagues for me. Very surprised.

  7. I understand, I was shocked at how well D9o worked for me too. Daily smoker and dabber. For some reason I always feel much more dehydrated from using -o noids, maybe it has something to do with how the body metabolizes them. Either way I have tried to share that and hopefully help others have a smoother experience without feeling crappy from a little dehydration. Oddly enough I find it works best when I hold my hit, 7 to 10 seconds, even though I believe there is evidence that only deprives the brain of oxygen.

  8. I’ll definitely hydrate thank you! I was just trying to alleviate any concerns I might be having a bad experience. Your comments have been very helpful.

  9. Maybe d’arcy would improve but Alcock is the much better actress so far.

  10. There was recently a major indictment of an Irish gang in

  11. That’s a prison gang called “Irish mob gang”. Wouldn’t say that qualifies.

  12. There's no pay off. "oh that's weird" is funny for only so long. by episode 6 I'm expecting some sort of pay off on whatever the fuck this is.

  13. Ngl I’d personally pass on these. On the bag they’re pretty vague on its contents, a lot of the “reviews” on their website seem a bit sus, and they don’t have complete test results for their products on their website

  14. For sure! Biggest thing for me is lab results - I don’t really care as much about the specific brand (still do your due diligence), taste, or package design like some do; if a product has FULL PANEL (not just potency testing like these) tests including pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, etc, and the tests are from a lab that’s reputable and don’t look forged, it’s typically solid by my book.

  15. Any recommendations for a better source for THC-P preferably gummies?

  16. Paddy Whacked by TJ English goes into this - fantastic book. The Irish “mob” was political machines.

  17. I’ve eaten 4 or 5 gummies. Definitely felt an effect - not sure that it’s any different than what I feel from other hemp derived delta 9 products though. Probably not worth paying extra for.

  18. Hm well shouldn’t feel same as just d9

  19. I’m about to eat 6 gummies completely sober coming into it and I won’t use anything else. Will report on that experience.

  20. Tune into stadium on Facebook college saturdays and you’ll get to see her sideline reporting Kent State vs Middle Tennessee

  21. Their credit card processor has suspended them. On their site it says cuz they ship to all 50 states

  22. I stopped by my local smoke shop this evening and bought 2 different brands of delta 9 gummies one is 3 chi I can’t remember the other. Also got a 3 chi delta 9 brownie.

  23. This is especially great because Dan even has the 17 year old starting QB being photographed by the local paper helping an autistic teenager learn to ride a scooter pose going here.

  24. He’s actually funny and talented which puts him ahead of everyone who appeared on Barstool Idol last month.

  25. Chad Pennington was a solid starter with a noodle arm. Some guys can just play.

  26. Pennington didn’t have a noodle when he came in the league. He earned the noodle with multiple rotator cuff injuries.

  27. To be fair to Moon, college quarterbacks in the mid to late 1970s did not have good stats relative to today’s game.

  28. It still blows my mind that the Giants saw Phil Simms light up then D2 defenses to the tune of 32tds and 45 interceptions over his career and had to have him.

  29. Have Whitney and Kirk ever spoken / played against each other in The Dozen? Feel like they’d either be best friends of despise each other with no in between.

  30. Whitney is amazing on KMS. The last show he did with them he came in guns blazing just shitting on Kirk’s producer. Then they had to do a bunch of editing because Whitney kept badmouthing sponsors.

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