1. Janitor says he work first Tuesday of each week so anytime between now and then will be about right.

  2. Pro tip - farm any other domain that you can quickly finish. I run Shim/Emblem avg 35 seconds and then just feed all the 5* to strong box for CW. So much better use of time and resin.

  3. When I was young we called this a cheese toastie. No cheese taste what so ever but it made a great toastie

  4. Download and read Purges last patch notes. That should keep you occupied till the next patch that comes out.

  5. Was there a tree there once upon a time?

  6. Interesting you say this cause the owner did mention a tree falling down but he didn’t say where in the house. But there is a huge tree close by to slab could the root be pushing it up?

  7. Well you have Tide so that is half of the ultimate combo - TA Tide it gives you everything! So you’re good bro!

  8. For me it’s Riki/BH (invis heroes). Firstly they almost always pick it into their natural counters ie Zeus/Slardar or when the team already has a Mirana so we’re balls deep into invis and then complains that they die cause of sentries… well maybe don’t pick into a hero that will dies to detection… we end up wasting all of our sentries trying to deward opponents sentries that we cant deward any observers. So we end up losing the game anyway…

  9. You didn’t get down voted enough the first time you tried posting this cringy shit?

  10. What’s the point of spoiler tag when you already wrote in the title what happened and by who…

  11. Don’t worry cavern crawl/battlepass is over normality will restore soon enough!

  12. Oh a refreshing change from just pointing out a typo…

  13. This explains why battlepass skins are so bad. People are willing to wearing anything.

  14. Could have used ‘sack’ from my job for a double entendre!

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