1. didn't know they had been outed, thanks.

  2. Just to clarify, it was never said it was Moist. There was some speculation that Moist were 'trolling' but it was confirmed by Jorby it *wasn't* Moist. Its not been said who it actually was

  3. I don't see why it's so bad just to name them. If it's worth complaining about on twitter, it's worth outing them. At the moment it seems Optic is the general consensus of who it is, but if its not, they're just getting unnecessary flack for no reason.

  4. Its actually kind of funny to see everyone turn from Moist fans to Moist haters overnight

  5. Moist was probably the team trolling scrims I hope it comes back to bite them

  6. So there's 2 discussion points here that should be addressed imo.

  7. Youre fun at parties. Its series 1 fam lotta great games to go

  8. Thanks, I am pretty fun, you for some reason hate Rise like lmao, clearly your insight is opposite xD

  9. How so? He called a fan a pussy after he won the series. Hes the best

  10. I mean thats making up way more shit than this whole Syp thing bro, biased af

  11. so do ssg and people love them

  12. SSG definitely were not well liked by neutrals anywhere near as much as they are now pre-Daniel, primarily because of their 'boring demo heavy playstyle

  13. Does anyone else think this event is a little longer than it needs to be?

  14. I'm loving it, feels more like a world championships than a weekend event

  15. Yeah I mean I don't know why NRG was favoured so much, its almost like people thought it was Fall again

  16. I'd probably agree with Noly, I think Exotiik is a close second though. You could argue with the other 4 players on 3-0 teams but I'd say those two were the best on each team.

  17. Usually points are given out a day or two after the result, to avoid spoiling people who couldn't watch it live.

  18. IMO it's very unlikely that people who avoid spoilers and people participating in prediction contest are the same people.

  19. I do partially agree with what you said, but also there's things I disagree with. Not everyone will have the ability to sit and watch all the rocket league live. I for one will miss a game or 2 from work, and this weekend I'm out visiting family, and would like to watch the Vods back afterwards, but do also participate in the predictions tournament.

  20. Well I don't know for how long exactly, but as their registered sub, this wouldn't have been relevant. It's not like they drafted someone as a replacement for Abs when he was struggling with Visa issues. I would guess he's been their sub for the whole season, so you wouldn't be picking someone up based on their visa status when you're still unsure of LANs happening, unsure of where the LANs are taking place, and definitely aren't guaranteed you'll get there at all.

  21. So today, NA, EU and OCE all won, the other regions all lost. Kinda interesting that.

  22. Really happy with how Senbei are playing, its clear how much they've improved over the season

  23. Civ 5 felt a lot more serious, and it's why I still prefer to play it instead of civ 6. I can remember so many of the leaders introductions and the like in civ 5, but no practically none in civ 6.

  24. The problem is I always have the season 8 trailer in the back of my mind and that was probably the most hype trailer out there

  25. I'd probably feel better if an underdog team won rather than a more dominant team, because thats always more entertaining unless you support the team on top. There would be a vocal minority calling it a mickey mouse tournament no doubt, but I think it would be pretty satisfying as the first world championship under a more open format to be won by anyone

  26. Worldwide: located entirely within the Northern part of one country

  27. I think the only real fix is just to reevaluate the format and the timings. Hopefully whoever is in charge of this can think up format scenarios if x teams are unable to attend, then depending on how many teams can come, chose the respective format. The downside of this is people won't know the format until we know what teams can go, but personally I think that's the base case situation.

  28. Surprising tbh, considering they did pretty well once they got their stuff together, best of luck to crr and dorito, wherever Deevo goes I shall cheer for

  29. Unless there's a really good reason not to (e.g. grass kitty) I always chose the fire type first

  30. I’m sure future students will be studying the speeches of Johnson along side the other great British orators…

  31. We actually did study some of his speeches at school a good 7 or 8 years ago already

  32. Deevo is my favourite player and Kash isn't far behind, so those two and Oaly probably

  33. Nah I'm pretty sure it's a very popular opinion to hate. I actually enjoy it ngl

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