This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

  1. Layered cast paper made from an Amazon box, used coffee grounds as an accent

  2. Having a Mexican flag with VIVA MEXICO on it is so fucking cringe. Like, you’re Mexican, we get it bro. Imagine if Chinese Americans were walking around with Chinese flags like that.

  3. Plenty of Irish pride flags flying around but that’s okay, right?

  4. This, this. You win the interweb today. Thanks for making me smile 😊

  5. Beautiful! Never would have guessed that you were a beginner

  6. Hello ma’am, please come with us. We’d like to have a chat.

  7. OMG can you imagine bringing it to the airport?! Umm, security? Security! Does this go in my carry on baggage, or does it have to go in checked baggage?

  8. They would let me bring it if I was flying first class, if Spirit HAD first class. I’ve seen worse

  9. And another question. After 30 years, you have a beautiful Mercury line. Is it often a success in finance, or the beginning of some business connected with active communications? What was your success and was it?

  10. Art is something that I need to make. Sometimes it makes me money

  11. Who gets to judge who is a shaman and who is doing it right? Live your own life and do what you think best. Best for you.

  12. Does this mindset interfere with his job performance? If not, and he hasn’t asked for help, then all you can change is your own response.

  13. Senior citizens and people on disability often do not have to file state taxes. So no check for them?

  14. The covid relief money wasn’t given to the states for taxpayer use.

  15. They are the largest conglomerate abortion provider. 350k abortions between 2019 and 2020 according to their own numbers. That's well over half of all abortions.

  16. These idiots aren’t going to give you a real answer.

  17. I live in #1 murder capital of Mexico (Guanajuato) and still feel safer than I do visiting my old friends in 63103

  18. I can’t you’ve been here any time recently of Midtown and Downtown West are the picture of violence for you.

  19. My preschool daughter left me some drawings in an old book. (See other photo)

  20. Huh police can’t used gangs for anything Gangs are just a group a guys who from low income areas

  21. Belief is a tool. Until you understand that, you don’t understand chaos

  22. Thank you everyone. Next time you’re in Guanajuato Mexico, look me up. I owe you a drink 🥃

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