1. There is actually a movie based off of this incident called “The Last Descent”

  2. No way in fucking hell am I paying $2,500 for a shorty VZ58

  3. Yeah that dude is definitely trying to get his money back but unfortunately for him any “upgrades” you make to a gun almost never up the resale value so that’s worth way less than he’s asking. I wouldn’t pay more than a new one is worth that’s for sure.

  4. Thank you. I figured it was that way. Same for vehicles, any aftermarket upgrades you do don’t make the value raise. Greatly appreciate the info kind sir!

  5. I’ve been seeing some begrudging love for the anvil lately despite sketch origins and high price point. Def thinking about it

  6. It’s worth it. It has been my end game for going on almost a year now. Completely cured my inner urge to keep searching for the next best thing. At the end of the day everyone has preferences, though! So do your research and choose accordingly.

  7. Seems very dark probably go ethanol hash oil extraction. Or oil infusion for edibles.

  8. I believe those are generally called earthquakes

  9. Well, It wasn’t. Nothing else moved other than the bed. And if it was an earthquake as violent as the shaking was, then there would’ve been things falling off the walls, etc.

  10. First of all, you were six. Your memory of the event is probably hazy at best. Now if you have a date you might be able to draw a reasonable conclusion by looking into earthquakes in the local area. If you can ask one or both of your parents as well it would be wise.

  11. I asked my dad not long ago and he agrees. He’s had many paranormal experiences throughout the years. It was also a core memory for myself, so I remember it extremely vividly. It wasn’t an earthquake, it was literally ONLY the bed shaking, not the earth.

  12. For the long term use I would suggest getting the base 14 inch MacBook Pro M1 pro wait for a deal this holiday. You get the best laptop out there.

  13. Just ordered a Houbei 2.0 in the Horween Navy/Natural. How are you liking it so far?

  14. I absolutely love it, man! Don’t regret buying at all and it’s easily turned into my favorite wallet and my edc. I actually ordered a custom houbei 2.0 that will be here Tuesday. After you get yours I bet you’ll be ready to ordered another! 😂

  15. Just ordered a topsider bifold in olde english. I hope it looks as nice as yours.

  16. No doubt it will look amazing. I just ordered a custom Houbei 2.0 also! Excited for that lol.

  17. They look nice but I cannot tell how many cards they hold

  18. If you click on each type and scroll down it should have a description that lists measurements, card & cash amount, etc!

  19. Did you order the trigger return springs with it? If so, which one are you using or just using the OEM spring?

  20. From what I’ve read, they can feel similar. But of course a heart attack won’t go away like the twinges we get from anxiety. So we just gotta eat better man. Does wonders for your mental health.

  21. Any recommendations on eating “better?” Just more fruits and vegetables, etc. Less red meat? What exactly is eating better? Genuinely curious because I’m wanting to start.

  22. I believe this is a Scevye knockoff, but I could be wrong. On the ones I’ve seen there is usually a long stitch above “Bally,” & also has “1851” underneath it.

  23. Yeah I get that, and I guess that’s what I would explain to someone if I was confronted about it..

  24. Just underline the 9’s. It’s not the difficult to portray the way you mean it.

  25. Yeah I actually am, I totally forgot about the review thing though

  26. Thank you so much and I intend to post a review of the wallet on this sub once i get it! The leather is full grain and it is italian buttero (If that matter), the conditioner and cleaning tips are great and I will make sure to take care of the wallet.

  27. Check out the Trayvax Venture. It was one I was looking at on my search, and everyone loves Trayvax as a company. Can’t speak from personal experience because I went with something else, but it may be right up your alley!

  28. That is what he is saying friend, that he had other priorities that he listed above Jake. Hes not gonna put all his eggs in one basket like Jake and he certainly has shown it. He prioritized the eggs and now got to the egg called boxing and I don’t blame him for putting music first. Man made an amazing run on music and got tons out of it. You can claim anything you want but hes working like a beast, lazy is probably at the bottom of his list of characteristics.

  29. Where in my comment did I say he was lazy? He’s far from it and I don’t think anyone can take away from the things he’s done.

  30. I am sure man could have made a lot more money but instead chose to invest in a music career. Yes money is part of it but I don’t see him doing something that he does not like.

  31. I actually ordered an Open Seas Leather Co Topsider! Perfect for my needs and absolutely gorgeous work. I’d honestly suggest checking them out!

  32. Leather is getting a little floppy, and the bill holder flap fell out a while back. Looking to get something similar that will last me a good while.

  33. If you aren’t dead set on the ID window, check out the Open Sea Leather Co options. I just ordered the Horween Dublin Topsider and his work is gorgeous man. Might find something you like. If you like the billfold aspect check out the Topsider Billfold he recently released.

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