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  1. It's a pendulum on the end of a pendulum on the end of a pendulum. Basically, as you add more pendulums, the math involved becomes exponentially harder. Single pendulums are taught in introductory physics classes. Double pendulums are usually saved for a 400 level class. The triple pendulum in the video is significantly harder to model than even a double pendulum.

  2. This is like a nightmare version of the 4 bar linkages we had to do in dynamics. I can't imagine the work put in to make this happen

  3. Yes. And "Ah-chill-es" is not a minor mispronunciation. Most people would have no clue what he is talking about.

  4. Worse, it was more like "Ay-chill-is", but yeah, completely agree. First time I saw this I was so confused. Even looking at the word, it didn't click at first

  5. It looked like she was getting on with a friend and the friend put the water there to keep the door opened while they got more (just my guess), but she didn't realize and was just trying to be helpful when she moved it.

  6. But the objective in 47 was lost and you fed to the pandas....sounds like your winning to me? I'll just sit back in highsec and eat rocks while yall lose to a bunch of..what did you call them? 40 year olds playing a game at 4am?

  7. thats because half of you were too chicken to either log back in or just got rekt outside the system. Going by staging numbers before battle, it was ~4k to ~3k. I didnt know you were not in the fight, my apologies

  8. I fell asleep so you'll need to adjust those staging numbers for active participants to 3995 v 3000

  9. Seamstresses were responsible for the space suits working as well as they did, however weavers and experts at needlework also built the computers. The Apollo guidance computer used magnetic core memory for RAM and core rope memory for ROM storing the guidance program. With magnetic core memory each bit is stored in the magnetic field of a teeny, tiny piece of ferrous material wrapped with a wire, the magnetic field can be sensed or changed through the wiring. Core rope memory is a read-only memory of similar design but much higher density, as multiple wires can be threaded through a single permanently magnetized core or can bypass the core to store either a 1 or 0 depending on the threading. These memory devices had to be meticulously hand threaded for each AGC used in the program.

  10. You can hate PH all you want but what Gobbins managed to do is incredible.

  11. Lol, your experience with goons is pretty questionable then. I've always been in karmafleet so I can't speak for anywhere else, but any kind of toxicity I've witnessed has been dealt with pretty swiftly. It's an awesome place to call home. I'm sure PH is generally pretty great, otherwise it wouldn't be as large as it is. Brave would prob be my second choice home though if it ever came to that.

  12. Facilities and SRP don't run on hopes, dreams, or whatever it is you're smoking.

  13. So how does it work then? Ship go boom, copy paste the kill link into some app, receive isk to replace your losses?

  14. Well this was quite different from the world-saving hero making the ultimate sacrifice vibes i got from that title

  15. True, but don't think you have to save the world to be a hero. The guy has spent most of his retirement building houses for people in need. Generally just trying to help out his fellow humans. That's a real fuckin hero

  16. We know how to design buildings to withstand the types of local earthquakes they'd experience. You look at the types of seismic displacement, velocity, and acceleration that will occur and design the buildings to have resonant properties that won't amplify under the earthquake conditions. You'll absolutely have damage done to the buildings and infrastructure, but you won't have the catastrophic loss of life that turkey saw.

  17. Stop calling it "FART", it isnt going to happen.

  18. This won't make sense til later but when you're fitting a ship, right click on modules and hit show info, then click on the variations tab. It'll show you all the modules of that type and size. The first 2-4 shown without a colored corner are "meta" modules. They're super cheap and generally better than the "tier I" modules. Definitely worth tinkering with them to make your desired ship fit. Some have lower fitting requirements, some do more damage, some have more range, some have better defense, etc. Good luck out there and try not to get overwhelmed!

  19. For real though, do the tutorial, then find people to play with. First recommendation would be the "EVE University" corp, they specialize in teaching players any and every part of the game and they're pretty neutral as far as space politics goes. If you find you like to pvp, Brave is classy af and a great place to start, karmafleet and pandemic horde(I think) also have quality newbie corps.

  20. Having a blast, game feels like it’s buzzing again.

  21. Since it was a goon avatar, you should know the answer

  22. At least Brave never claimed to be anything else but a dictatorship, and I don't think Goons elect their Leadership either, not sure about Volta or Fire but I would be surprised if they are organized democratic.

  23. Yeah, it's definitely never felt anything like a dictatorship. As a regular nobody line member in KF, you can kinda just do whatever you want as long as you're not fucking over any other imperium player's sandbox. You're required to do 3 fleets per quarter but you can do that in an afternoon or two usually. I'd guess most places are like that but idk

  24. This is a great point to make, I watched Psycho the other day for the first time and thought wow this is just the birth ground of horror tropes. I could see 100 movies in just the one.

  25. Yup, same with 2001: A Space Odyssey. I watched it for the first time about 15 years ago and it blew my mind.

  26. Asher has literally zero chrisma or passion to be a goon leader. Reading off a script just sounds so uninspiring. I really struggle hiw asher became goon leader just not the same impact as Mittens. I would have preferred merk, at least he's funny to listen to.

  27. He might not be as flamboyant of a leader as others, but he has his finger on the pulse of the game, and he knows how to actually twist a knife. If you've never been on a SIG deployment with him on a smaller level, you probably wont understand. I was floored when they tossed the mantle on him. I can't think of a better person to wear it and lead us. Merk is obviously the easy #2, but his skills are better suited elsewhere.

  28. What's your favorite thing to do to unwind and recharge after a tough day/week?

  29. The cat fights the wolf and the wolf gives up and leaves while making excuses. Perfect analogy for the last goon invasion of FI.RE

  30. You're not understanding. The wolf is literally Death/the grim reaper. He is immortal and cannot be defeated. He was going to take Puss' last life because he squandered his first 8. Then when Puss realizes what's important in his life, he decides to fight back and essentially sacrifice himself in an unwinnable fight for what he believes in. He refuses to give up. So the wolf takes pity on him and is satisfied that Puss will live out his last life and be a good cat/not take it for granted.

  31. Yeah I can and so can you. It's a bajillion dollars. So we write a check and everyone agrees that's the way it is. We pay it for eternity and who gives a shit. That's the way it already works.

  32. Lol ok then, sending 1 bajillion bucks to Ohio, should be all cleared up by the end of the week

  33. Tell ya what. Let's just bill it in arrears. Figure the cost after the fact then slap it on the corpos and offices that allowed it to happen.

  34. It's always been thus. We just haven't had the communications to talk about it. I'm nearing 60, I grew up in a world populated by people who had fought their way across Europe. My dad, my dad's friends, his work colleagues, that tubby little sweaty guy in dad's office who broke his leg parachuting into Arnhem and lay in a field for three days sniping at Germans until one of them ran a bayonet through him. My paternal grandfather who spent four years crawling through no-man's land in the First World War, putting up barbed wire, and came home such a partial human being that the family was damaged for two generations by the damage he did to it. They were everywhere, on every street, so that it wasn't even talked about because everyone around me of that age had a story, and in so many cases, one that wasn't ever to see the light of day.

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