1. I got mine a few weeks ago. This hoodie is so soft and warm! GO DAWGS 💯

  2. As a hockey fan and a Dawg fan, this was a good read. I remember watching those two SCFs as a kid but didn’t realize the tragic inspiration around their second cup

  3. I picked up a $10 t-shirt at Costco. I saw this hoodie and IIRC it was $30.

  4. $30 which was a little more than I wanted to pay but then I picked it up and had to have it

  5. Think they'll have it at my Costco in Woodland California?

  6. Did you know, the widely accepted plural of vinyl is vinyl (or just "records")? Many incorrectly use the term vinyls, due to its widespread misuse - but now you're in the know! It's silly, but conventional. Anyway,

  7. I know I’m going to get downvoted into oblivion but I don’t like the G we use. It’s too close to the Green Bay G and it would be cooler imo if it were closer to our letterman G. These helmets fuck btw.

  8. If that’s Northside in Atlanta my daughter was born there! GO DAWGS

  9. My wife works there, and I am now going to demand why I haven’t seen one of these make it’s way to our house haha.

  10. I have started shopping at the dollar tree- they have a lot of name brand stuff and their burger pattys can be crumbled

  11. Great idea. I wish there was one closer. The Publix is literally across the street from me

  12. my dollar store is a drive for me as well, but it’s so worth it for the soda and chips and cakes and snacks that I would love to buy at the store but not for almost 10$. I was at Safeway yesterday and a 12 pack of soda cans was 10$😭

  13. This is what the top of the corner cabinet is for! I’ve got my coke bottles up there is well

  14. This picture represents my neighborhood only the bigger issue is that it’s illegal to park in the street. If you have more than a couple drivers at your house, like teenagers, or company visit you are basically screwed and can either park like this, or basically not come in the subdivision, it’s terrible planning on the builders and counties part.

  15. Our HOA requires visitors to park at the pool parking lot located in the front of the neighborhood…so if you live in the back, your visitors get a nice stroll around the neighborhood

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