1. I grow outdoors,so I’m curious what she’ll do.

  2. On cannabis clones consulting site it lists mimosa as an outdoor favourite. Solid choice

  3. ive always wondered about shipping clones. Doesn't that stress them, or send them into flowering, being in the dark for several days?

  4. Yep, that stretchy plant would love scrogged, and those node turned upwards sideways... Great job!

  5. Lol it is scrogged, flipped at 3/4 full, tucked for the first week after flip - she outgrew the net easily. I let her grow up and ordered a second net. There’s two nets in the picture, you just can’t really see them

  6. Not sure how I missed that, I mean those want more scrog!

  7. Should’ve flipped at half full! But I won’t be growing these clones a second time indoors. I have 2 that are going outside for the summer, I’ll let them grow into monsters in the sun

  8. I get a peyote wifi from Seedsman a couple years ago, looked just like that. Good smoke too

  9. I know that this is an old thread but I ordered lumpys Apple fritter breeder cut from ccc on Saturday March 26th, I received my clones today March 29th. That’s pretty fucking fast, excellent customer service with immediate responses. Friendly and knowledgeable as well. Legit seller in my exp

  10. Damn, the most I've pulled in my tent so far is only 22 ounces. Time to upgrade my 400w. XD What nutrients do you use and how often do you feed?

  11. GH nutes, auto fed 5x a day! I pulled 2lbs last grow with a 480 watt se5000 from spider farmer

  12. Damn, then I definitely need to set up my watering system for multiple feedings daily for sure. Thank you!

  13. Genetics have a lot to do with it too. Why spend 100’s in seeds when a breeder is better than 99% of the seeds out there. Sure they may be pricey but you get what you pay for. They’re hand picked for certain traits and that It makes growing more enjoyable for me.

  14. By no means dissing superstore as we have ran their ethos cuts outdoors for 3 summers now and they were great. But that fritter was trash and wasn’t gassy at all. Owner ended up giving a refund as he knew what he did…

  15. I actually looked hard at his fritter, it’s so tough to tell who’s legit out there. But after some research on who’s who and some reviews, I bought from Canada clones consulting. His response time was excellent (I had emailed superstore and didn’t get a response), literally minutes. Glad I didn’t hear from superstore now! Thanks for the heads up though.

  16. Nice! I have been experimenting with longer flowering times. What trich mix do you shoot for?

  17. Soccer (or football for you European folks) takes on a whole new level of fun with this awesome invention!

  18. Cause I can’t remove it without breaking the a ton of buds off the plants and it actually helped with drying

  19. Thank you so much man I've never seen what they'll actually do! Very nice grow as well!! Looks like it works great!

  20. It’s not perfect but it saves a ton of time. Especially with the lower buds. Larf gets chewed up into dust so it’s only the stronger nugs that survive. Which is all we want anyway!

  21. Hey! Could you send me a link or name of those pots and watering system by any chance?

  22. Air pots off of wish, 2.5 gallon 30cm tall x 20cm wide. Coco perlite medium. Watering system is simple, small 400 gallon per hour submersible aquarium/pond pump, 5/8” vinyl tubing, shut off valve to control the flow rate, and halos that I picked up from my local hydroponic store

  23. Good question…. I’m not sure if clay pebbles will hold the moisture well enough. It would need a constant flow of nutrient solution and be treated like rockwool/hydro? I’m assuming… I have to adjust my timers and flow rate throughout the grow

  24. Hello growmies!! I was offered the opportunity to test out the spider farmer trim bowl on my latest grow of jealousy by tiki madman and here is my review!

  25. Sick and how many plants?? I’m just about to get the same light!! Can’t wait

  26. Trusting someone on fb… that’s a hard call. I buy from accredited websites and make sure to read a few reviews between roll it up, Reddit, etc before I dump $100-$400 on a strain.

  27. Well I’ve trimmed about a pound so far, it trims much faster than I can by hand. It’s not perfect… I still have to manicure with scissors. It seems to break my nugs apart though which I don’t care for. And I’m seeing calyxes in the bottom of the bowl. It could be just the jealousy flowers because they’re so small and maybe other strains would be more tolerant to the silicone paddles. So far as an honest review, I’d say I do like it for the time saving aspect, but if you prefer bag appeal then nothing beats scissors. I’m not too worried about the product loss in the trim. I use all the trim for rosin so a few calyxes in the bowl will just add to the potency.

  28. Did you do a wet or dry trim with the bowl cutter?

  29. Now that’s crafty! Get it, crafty?! Cricket chirping….

  30. Omg all these comments…. You guys are terrible. Light too intense on a fluorescent 10” away?! Over watered, under watered, soil too dense (it looks like mulch), humidity, drain holes (looks bone dry). The only one that actually makes sense is replant - but in coco/perlite. Perfect if you know what you’re doing. It’s a rough and short go without cal mag and nutes. Lmao I find it sad to read through these

  31. What a fucking asshole, I would never run his genetics!

  32. I thought I was the only one the guy was a dick to (3 years ago) and now I see all the attention this post gets and it’s putting a smile on my face. Thanks for helping make my Saturday even better!!

  33. Oops, I didn’t mean to reply to your comment. Very informative though :)

  34. I have used both the se5000 and se7000 lights, nothing but the best results. No issues with defects or any need for warranty

  35. This animal is sick or domesticated

  36. I am fortunate enough to be regularly visited by a doe and her yearly offspring. She travels the same route through our backyard and munches on our Oak trees…. We have 2 German shepherds, they don’t even pay much attention to each other anymore. The deer aren’t spooked and the dogs don’t bark. But, they glare at each other. At first yes, the dogs would bark, the momma doe would stomp. Now, the deer are not scared of the dogs, nor are they scared of us. They often startle us while we are doing outdoor chores, they’ll walk within feet of us with no worries and they’re like ninjas!! So silent! I wouldn’t say they are domesticated but the deer around my place certainly know that we pose no threat and feel comfortable enough to bed in our tree line almost daily. And no we don’t feed them or attempt to touch them… but we do talk to them. Like - dammit girl you scared the shit out of me! Can you at least brake a branch or something…. No respect. And they love our garden in the summer months! Snap peas seem to be their favourite lol

  37. Been there a few times on aveos…. And other makes. But I always weld that little window I cut out back into place and paint it.

  38. It’s what you have to do, once the little tack weld breaks, that nut spins freely inside the sub frame. You have to weld it back into place

  39. Bend them, at this point that you don’t have many options. And they’re still growing btw, mildly for another week or two :)

  40. Sometimes I see a pretty nug, flick through the album and it’s a small autoflower, shame there’s not much. Then there’s pics like yours op, that is a wonderful wall of frosty nugs! Enjoy trimming haha! But seriously she looks east to trim too… well done!

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