Gavin Newsom after Monterey Park shooting: "Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact"

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  1. Uh Canada has a similar culture to the U.S. Dont be fooled by what you see on TV. Canadians and Americans are generally alike. Lived there in both countries for many years.

  2. Thank you for your contribution, but I’m not fooled so easily either. I have Americans in my family and a number of Canadians as friends. I’ve been fortunate to have travelled quite extensively in both countries, so respectfully, I disagree.

  3. Well what things CULTURALLY are so different? I don't see any polarizing differences tbh. Be glad to gain some new insights.

  4. Fair questions. This is generalised but on the whole not exceptional in my view and those I’ve chatted to. Canadian people and Kiwis in general share the age-old traditions and concerns of (English) liberalism - they were joiners, not exceptionalists. Australian and American traditions are rooted in being excluded, either voluntarily or coerced. The mix of nations that provided immigrants is similar but for differing reason, and the means of cohabitation or not with the First Nations is quite different. Superficially, you are right to describe Canadians as North American but not American. Ergo, a difference. Canadian people are less in some ways than Americans who are are more, and it is similar between us and Aussies. Now I wouldn’t write a seminar paper on this based on what I’ve said, but the compare and contrast elements are palpable. I hope this explains why I said what I did.

  5. To avoid the kind of fiasco that the Brexit vote was, the bar would surely have to be high. That in itself could be a complication. I think the only way forward now is some systematic review of the first past the post issue, probably ending up as mixed member proportional representation like NZ or modern Germany. This system ironically was proposed after design by US political scientists. Imo, in NZ it is a considerable improvement on first past the post.

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if Luxon hadn’t done his homework. But it’s as likely he took a calculated call to what he needs from the more core traditional voters of the Nationalist ilk, who I expect would dislike any aspect of co-governance. I agree it’s ironic. It was the one big change that Key and English made that really set in train many of Labour’s policies of the last few years.

  7. In our small town in Northland and occasionally here in Auckland this last couple of weeks, it happens and is considered normal or usual. I did notice when I was touring in Denmark, Sweden and Norway a decade or so back, it was rare to get eye contact and I think I spent about 3 weeks without much verbal contact, so I assume your puzzlement is cultural. Enjoy it whilst you are here.

  8. It’s so helpful to know what these nutters are saying to the people. Take his name, Pike!

  9. Eat it down to where it gets woody. I always steam the florets and put the leaves and some of the stem in too.

  10. We have them out here - NZ/AUS. Had ‘em for a few decades now, and they’re becoming even more popular as the climatic conditions change and these pumps work as air conditioning units in warmer weather. Worth looking at.

  11. Nine pounds 50! I could make this every night for a week for that money, couldn’t you? Ok, maybe for four evenings, should I ever want to eat the same thing.

  12. Why is it so difficult to understand that something isn't misogyny just because it's directed at a single woman . . . and a public figure no less! It's not infantalisation to call her "Aunty" and it's not sexist to call her Cindy.

  13. It’s you that has the problem ‘understanding’ if I may say, not the OP. There is an interesting article in Stuff today on the very clear attempt to undermine a single woman, as you put it, not by saying just the belittling things you are claiming as normal but the real threats of misogyny and intimidation directed at Ardern, but also other females in the public’s service. If you didn’t know there is a public problem in this country, fair enough. Have a look at it. But I believe it’s becoming clearer to most of us readers of the NZ subs that we do have a problem with a vociferous minority.

  14. AND. . . what does that article have to do with the farmer's comment "End of an error"?

  15. Agree with Newsom. From an outsider (NZ/UK) perspective, most countries that can relate politically and culturally to the US do not have this mental illness, an obsession, about weaponising the disassociation in society. I don’t mean it as criticism merely an observation, but isn’t it time to look at the 2nd amendment dispassionately?

  16. No it’s not. That second amendment is a way for the people to fight back against a tyrannical government think the founding fathers. Look at what NZ did to its people during Covid. It was disgusting what the PM forced on its people. In the end the 2A is the great equalizer

  17. I send this with a spirit, at least, of civility. You are so off the mark, mate. I don’t think you understood my point. In fact, I sense you don’t want to. It precisely because you don’t live in eighteenth century America and all that such existential life circumstances are so different to today, that you cannot see the wood for the trees in the modern world. As for your comment about Ardern, I thank our good fortune that you, and people like you, who whilst spoiling for a wild gun-fighting showdown, it seems from your post, live and I hope stay far from our shores. When you do see the light of day, come and see us. We may show you another path.

  18. I think, OP, by asking for people’s experiences of doctors in their daily tasks, is a very reasonable thing to do.

  19. My dear old mum, now sadly passed, who would sit with me on occasion outside her north shore flat having a fag, and having endured most of the Blitz from the east end of London, looked up into the sky one day as one of these planes flew over at a low altitude, and said knowledgeably without fear of contradiction, “Lancasters.”

  20. I get what you say. It’s as if the influence of a few dozen thoughtful chefs, cooks, food writers, often British too, all on tv or in newspapers, has had absolutely no impact at all. The pride in limited imagination beggars belief. The greatest European experiment of the past century has been an utter failure.

  21. Maybe it’s just because they are not great at guessing? Or not using metric can be a bit confusing.

  22. Holland & Holland used to have something out near Ruislip-Northwood area, but whether it is still there or if it is remotely like a U.S. range, you’d have to goggle.

  23. What you said is completely reasonable and rational, you are just being downvoted because

  24. Yes, I like being a wolf in sheep’s clothing in the their lair, lol. Thanks for your post.

  25. I think most of what you say is in effect agreeing that persecution exists, whether for females, Roma, Jewish, Islamic, black or Asians. It’s been a white male world for millennia. This is not news. I am attacking the denial that it exists, for whatever reason. What you appear to say is that we can’t blame ourselves, the Caucasian Christian or exception communities like atheists (myself included). I am saying we are all responsible in some way until we do something that alters the mindsets that allow persecution. Part of our collective responsibility is not to take criticism of national positions and individual faith personally. I don’t think any of us are naive enough to believe discrimination and hatred are not de rigeur in any society, because they usually are at some populist level, and I believe you when you say you’ve seen it. But so have I. And we clearly come through that experience changed, but each of us in our own way. I happen to have always believed in tolerance for others because of the way I was brought up and what I saw growing up. But life experiences happen and like a sine wave, we ride it. To be consistent and open is harder work than hatred except for one thing; to feed the hatred takes energy, more energy than an active policy of tolerance or understanding. Regarding your handle, you are clearly an interesting intelligent person but unless it is clear what you stand for, how can the rest of us know? So thanks for your time and explanation. I appreciate it.

  26. There are elements in this tale of woe and immense sadness that bear further examination before drawing too many rapidly found conclusions, dear OP.

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