1. Get all your paperwork in order, so that legally you are the target gender. Do that FIRST. Building a stealth life takes both patience, and attention to detail. If you network before your paperwork is done (SS#, passport, dl, voter registration, and if possible in your state, birth certificate). Once this is done, outing you will be more difficult, especially with no criminal record. Network first, and you will be outed with your first background check

  2. Sorry for the wall of text, but this is a very serious and concerning issue to me.

  3. Send copies of the legal name and gender changes to your schools, and have those things changed in your school records as well. If you have documentation, the school will change it

  4. Whatever community i seek at all is with my dysphoria suffering transsexual family . Everyone else can do and believe whatever they want. Assexual is not necessarily trans, so they arent really part of THIS community. I say this as someone largely assexual

  5. Yeah, if i wanted to see low life people i would visit low life subs. No need to bring it here.

  6. Well, the AlQadim main sourcebook is really just setting specific character classes, cultural rules, and setting related stuff, so i’d skip that. Some of the published adventures might be fun to convert to Dark Sun adventures, but there are a lot of Outsiders, djinns and efreets and the like in Al Quadim that just dont fit Athas very well.- The 3e sourcebook SANDSTORM ( not specific to any setting) contains some good material and ideas for hot, desert based gaming, you could check that out. But really, there is a LOT of DS specific material out there, so probably best to look at that first, and then supplement from that as a starting place

  7. Al Wadim has a lot of good “desert environment” fluff, especially if you dont need DS specific. I would also still recommend 3e Sandstorm

  8. I love IBAC looking in the window! Under rated and underused villain of the Big Red Cheese

  9. The Living Lawnmower. His hand turn into oscillating blades, capable of shredding grass….and flesh

  10. If your players don't enjoy talking to each other in character, there's not really anything you can do to make it fun/comfortable for them. In all my years, the only time I've had players doing this was, as

  11. Dang y’all. Almost 80% of gametime conversation at my table is “in character”. We are all close friends though, who tend to make off the wall characters just because they would be funny to roleplay at the table. I do have to say that online games do a little less “in character”, but just “noticeable”, not glaring. Out of character, no one is the “drama major “ type, just the “enjoys actual roleplaying type

  12. Dude that is so gross! Why!? It can’t taste good, all that lent and shit that’s been sitting there!

  13. Forced honmoding smh. Nobody gets to pass you gotta look like a freak before you take your pills, and gotta wait until you've been thoroughly fucked by your natal puberty, so you can live with strong dysphoria forever

  14. That’s kinda a strong assumption about people who medically transition after puberty. I no longer have dysphoria at all. But there sure are a lot of young people GIVING THEMSELVES dysphoria these days. And its providing a lot of ammo for those opposed to transpeople in general. Life is not doomed because you couldnt get surgery before 18

  15. I see you transitioned pretty old. Just because you were unable to figure yourself out doesn't mean all the kids are wrong. Forcing teens with dysphoria to watch as puberty wreaks havoc on their bodies is cruel

  16. When i transitioned there WERE no teen transitioners. In the continental US there were FOUR reputable SRS surgeons, and two reputable FFS surgeons. 23-25 years was a young transitioner. I transitioned at 30. I had myself “figured out” by the age of 5, but you see there were no support groups, no representation, no doctors, and the just getting started AOL era of internet didnt offer ANY of the support you have. You have that privilege because people like me were pushing the boundaries of the medical, psycholigical, and legal systems of the 1990’s-2000’s. I assure you i didnt need to “figure myself out”. You’re not more righteous by virtue of being young.

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