1. Edit...I just decided to eat it all this morning...nice little intro ride but not liking the last part...all anxiety and gotta go find somerhintg to bring it back down (fetty) ...not bad though ..just enough ...just bad thoughts forwards the end that suck with me ...still with me actually

  2. I never knew that there was such a thing as "the perfect video featuring the sexiest body" ....this is it. A video that actually made my jaw drop and my male organ immediately fill up with blood...What I wouldn't give to be able to even touch that booty.....

  3. I've personally had to sprout mine by sprinkling them over moist soil and then covering with clear wrap to create the humidity to sprout...just a thought

  4. Id like them to get a little bit stronger but at the same time I think they are starting to keep others from growing correctly etc...might snip some today I think

  5. I've heard horror stories of people becoming very ill from consuming seeds that have been processed/soaked/treated with whatever the company used chemical wise. (This is just what I have heard,)

  6. i miss those old good days, wait a minute if this was 20 years ago so u start smoking when u were 1 or 2 years old cuz u look like 21 or 22

  7. idk where it was from but it was sooo good not like that shitty poison msm or iso meth nowdays

  8. That came off as an attack on the person who posted this. It is not meant to be, sorry...i just hate how global societies function thats all.

  9. no problem. I get stuck reading all these different studies trying to figure out whats going on with my mind/overall well being....(other then the drugs lol)

  10. My friends mom killed herself from the downward spiral meth had on her life (15+yrs) I applaud anyone who quits before it gets to far. She deadass woke up one day had a breakdown about where she was in life ( living off her kids, homeless, barely had food, etc) and that was it. Please don't let this be another post on this sub that goes nowhere. Get clean. stay clean. Don't look back!!!

  11. thats creepy because lately i've been justifying and almost expecting it to end that way for myself. the lows are lasting way longer than the highs and ive pushed away everyone to the point where I would only be discovered when the smell got too..but as long as the cat i have is alive and next to me i wont bail on her. shes probably the one thing keeping me here as embarrassing as it sounds

  12. Is it big enough for cat to go in without hunching down, and can turn around comfortably etc? Is it in an area that's not in direct foot traffic / activity? (peaceful spot etc)

  13. Cover with clear wrap to trap moisture in until you see em' spout up.. shouldn't take no more than 3 days to germinate

  14. Lol I think it actually was supposed to be the other way around.

  15. Wrong coast lol. Upstate SC. Might be the same architect, I know he designed buildings all over the country, just a guess tho

  16. Ahh, you see. This house was hand built by the family living there/passed down etc etc. Must be the wood/stain look

  17. Had license, registration, insurance and got my car contents tossed in the street, guns to me head and my genitals squeezed…..guess what I am?

  18. The rational me wants to say "male"....but it's 2023 so God knows...?

  19. Why is outdoor completely of the table ? Look into guerilla growing if it's because you have no garden

  20. Live in an apartment building with no porch/balcony/any access to grass. (Big city in CA)

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