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  1. Headaches, sinus pressure, vision issues like pressure on eyeballs. Haven’t tried antihistamines.

  2. Covid vaccine. Now “sinus infection” for over 3 months

  3. An internet forum isn't qualified to tell you if you should go to the ER or not. Have you called your nurse hotline?

  4. This has been my experience as well. My mother was very picky when it came to other people's homes.

  5. Most of her closets and drawers are mostly empty. She cleans the out to organize, gets tired, shuts them. Then piles stuff in front, so you can’t get to them.

  6. I'll check that out, and thank you, I appreciate that. It's hard not to feel guilty sometimes, but I hate having to feel guilty because of my parents mistakes

  7. Can you request your MRI with contrast? That can help spot a leak. Not saying you do or don't have a leak.

  8. I freak out during moves too! Letting my partner know why you are upset can help.

  9. Use chewies! They are like teething rings for infants - it hurts worse at first but it helps with alignment and pain.

  10. No, a friend told me about sci-hub.se

  11. Do you have any friends in academia or research? Or in university?

  12. I do, that's who told me about sci-hub.se

  13. When I was in school I could go to the local college and look up articles. It may require college tuition to view the article - but they could print you a PDF. Going to your local library and asking about inter library loan.

  14. Hoarding like many mental illnesses can get worse as a person gets older. This can be as simple as the progression of the mental illness.

  15. Sorry for the very late response! I received my refund about two weeks after I put in the request. Hope things work out for you!

  16. Thanks for the reply - I called again and the representative said 'I would be looking out for that money' and said they were waiting on the federal reserve. That was the day I made this post. They quoted me a 60 day turn around time if I had started the process today.

  17. I'd definitely rule it out. Ask that it be ruled out. Normal brain MRI doesn't rule out CSF leak - and sometimes the right pair of eyes can see a leak when others can't.

  18. If you have a cranial leak you are at higher risk for meningitis. Getting the meningitis vaccine and knowing the symptoms of meningitis can be helpful.

  19. Yes but not with contrast, I haven't had ANY imaging with contrast literally ever. I don't suspect cranial tho. It would be spinal.

  20. MRI without contrast rules out scary subdural hematomas - which need quick treatment. Not that you aren't leaking.

  21. I was suicidal when I took doxycycline. It was like a switch flipped in me after the first pill I took. I got on an antidepressant and it helped. Talk to friends and let them know what's going on. Please reach out for a doctor for help, you don't have to suffer unnecessarily. ♥️

  22. I watched a video where she said silicone permanently bonds with your hair and that's when she jumped the shark for me. That's just nonsense.

  23. This is so good to know! I’ve watched Dr. Waleed Brinjikiji on Symposium and give talks on his embolization method! I have held back on applying to Mayo Clinic because the thought of getting 4 more holes 🕳 poked in me via DSM (I always get leak’s from DSM, even though MD’s at Cedar’s would argue that the needle is small, etc.) I’m a venous fistula multi-leaker, multiple surgeries. My last surgery at cedars left me more debilitated than before. Your share is very inspiring, thank you 🙏

  24. Omg my heartbeat is so fast when I’m symptomatic that I’ve been diagnosed with secondary POTS. I have another myelogram and blood patch soon. Glad you’re feeling better.

  25. I'm so sorry you have to go through all that. Hopefully you can get healed up soon!

  26. Borderline Personality Disorder - not Bipolar. Really easy to confuse.

  27. Just my two cents: I can honestly say I've been all through the humidifier market from the high end to the low end.

  28. Using distilled water in your humidifier will get rid of the 'particulate' dust.

  29. Are you on the cranial leaks private Facebook group? Probably a better place to ask.

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