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  1. You're doing a great job to keep her content, she looks very content in the picture. Has her veggies and her Momma. I am so sorry that that's the news you've gotten. I'm sure she's very happy to have you with her.

  2. Give the sweetness a kiss from me, I do not look forward to making the same decisions as you in the future, but good luck 💕

  3. Thanks, she's on my lap now. Not feeling as happy today though, so it may be almost time.

  4. I would not give her any mushrooms my friend, just cause you wont know what's going through her head, and she wont really know what's happening. I mean she could enjoy it but theres not really any way to know without forcing an experience onto her, and at that point it could have been a bad call.

  5. Your rabbit could be in pain and being sick on shrooms is the worst experience ver that shit was hell I had Covid on shrooms I can imagine that was much less severe than whatever your rabbit is afflicted with if it is dying r

  6. It's not hate, she just doesn't know you. The best thing to do is to continue spending time with her but ignoring her and not trying to pet her. Once she sees you aren't interested in her like a predator would, she'll know you are safe to have around. So keep spending time on the floor with her while you game or read.

  7. Adding to this point, rabbits convey safety to each other by relaxing and grooming themselves. If one rabbit sees another rabbit grooming, he thinks they must be in a safe environment; conversely if he sees the other rabbit looking around vigilantly, he suspects danger. You can literally "groom" yourself by arranging your hair or whatever, (I do this, or pretend to wash my face, sometimes when I think my rabbit is spooked) but also just relaxing and doing your own thing accomplishes this, which is why your gaming was the catalyst for her to approach you. And again, conversely, if you're studying her for signs of affection, you could be conveying anxiety or vigilance even if you're not giving off predator vibes specifically. So she's not going to come up to socialize if there is a sense of an impending threat. You being relaxed around her probably made her feel safe to show the affection she already feels.

  8. I've also read that eating calmly conveys feelings of calmness to others. Worth a try. Read, Snacc, and pretend to wash your face lol

  9. I don't know about shrooms per se (still learning) but it sounds like a part of you was ready to confront and integrate your past. You had split off from it as a defense mechanism, and now your psyche (aided by shrooms) felt safe enough to face it as an adult. This sounds like a positive development to me, even if it takes you to scary places in the short term. You know how to function and cope in the world-- now it's time to explore what vulnerability and probably deeper intimacy feels like. DO NOT permit your husband to refer to you as "broken.' You are on your path of healing like everyone else is, and he needs to support you. Tell him to be strong for you, and find a therapist you like. Everything you're experiencing right now is super normal. You might benefit from an online support group--there are tons of them out there. Just put a little effort into understanding your feelings, experiences, and needs and you'll benefit greatly.

  10. Why? Because we don't see them slaughtering the jawas. They're never actually seen using any kind of tactical movement or any tactics at all really. They literally just run at the main characters firing at random. That's why everyone disregards that line. Don't show me them as morons everytime they're on screen but then go "they're actually super dangerous, for real guys..."

  11. I mean I'm not capable of evaluating anyone's shooting ability but I'd like to think Obi-wan knew what he was talking about, lol.

  12. Sure, that's what Obi-Wan said. But that's not what we're shown, I'm just saying that's the reason why most people assume stormtroopers can't shoot for shit. Even Captain Rex makes a comment about the stormtroopers bad aim while in a gun fight with them. I would assume Rex knows his way around a blaster.

  13. I... don't remember who Captain Rex is. I'm a gen X Star Wars fan.

  14. I like that they use “ding dong ditch” instead of the racial slurs of the past.

  15. ??? I'm 49, grew up in So. Cal, live in L.A., never heard anything racial in connection with ding dong ditch. Wondering if this is from a more recent past.

  16. I'm 48 and grew up in the midwest (Missouri) and sadly, it was called "N-word Knocking". I never even heard it called "Ding Dong Ditch" until I moved to Southern California in 1999.

  17. Damn, I guess "coastal elitism" has some benefits.I get why we piss off the rest of the country with our attitude, but we get some things right.

  18. Russia has an economy the size of Australia and spends $66bn a year on defence.

  19. Does the US alone spend that much yearly, or is that for all of NATO?

  20. I totally see it and Im not high. It's a terrifying face, kind of a man/lion/other animal hybrid and it has horns. This would scare me if I saw it in my floor tbh.

  21. I always lawyer up in these kinds of disputes, and by "lawyer up" I mean pay a nominal fee to someone online. Think ask.com has cheap attorneys, but a Google search should reveal several sites. Just to know EXACTLY what the law says, for your own peace of mind, not to send your lawyers a letter or start a fight. It's only 20 bucks or so and I never regret the consult.

  22. I like asking for the hens outright, but not offering anything in return. Certainly not something that is an ongoing obligation to assholes you'd rather avoid.

  23. The Bible says "for ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God" and "for grace are ye saved through faith, not of works, lest any man should boast."

  24. I ain't reading all that. You're wrong and you won't admit it. So now you're gonna pull out all the stops trying to sound learned. Doesn't make you any less wrong.

  25. The prof called the paper alarmist, not Latif's reaction

  26. Latif used the paper's central premise as the central premise for the show, so it's a distinction without a difference.

  27. I was glad to hear that scientist/prof characterize Latif's anxiety as "alarmist". I was thinking the same thing throughout the episode. We're all way more likely to die in a car crash than we are of some of exotic nerve toxin and the viability of creating a new toxin from an app's recipe is obviously low, for the reasons the scientist enumerated. Humans are fragile creatures who can be killed in so many different ways--this is an existential truth of humanity. No sense whipping up a frenzy over it. Very clickbaity.

  28. I already disliked Redmayne. He's been good in a couple things but terrible in others, especially the Danish Girl--ugh, such an annoying performance.

  29. One of the few reruns I hadn't heard before, so that was nice.

  30. I like her. Don't enjoy the show nearly as much as when J & R were here, but I don't think there's anything particularly objectionable about her. I loved invisibilia.

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