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  1. I think they are there to help anchor the building in high winds or snow, it looks like it's ready to slide off the back foundation with a sneeze.

  2. Agree, similar can be seen on the sides of this hut.

  3. The largest genocides in human history were committed by atheists

  4. What should be coming to her? She has abhorrent opinions and so….she should be unable to eat? Seriously, what should the punishment be? What is the fair and proportionate response to people being racist assholes but not actually harming anybody? It would be one thing if she were a celebrity with her platform, and her words had widespread reach to do harm. She isn’t. Should we identify everybody with racist thoughts and systematically destroy their lives, prevent them from being able to have jobs or provide for their families? Harass them until they either kill themselves or retreat into extremism? Is that the solution?

  5. What a masterclass in gaslighting. You'd have made a fantastic defense lawyer at the Nuremberg trials. Rather than bombard people with patronizing rhetorical questions, why not just share your honest opinion? They're just words, right? They can't hurt anyone....right?

  6. I watched a lot of “My 600lb Life” on A&E. I learned a lot about how people get to this size. More often than not, it’s some sort of psychological trauma than just letting oneself go. A surprising number of people were sexually assaulted as children by someone, often a family member, and their brain went, “if I make myself undersireable then I won’t get raped again.”

  7. A lot of it can also be learned behavior. If one or both parents have problematic relationships with food, there's a good chance their kids will also. I knew a family with three daughters in which the father had been obese for much of his life until a heart attack forced change, and the mother had suffered eating disorders during her youth. Two of the daughters were borderline obese, and the third battled bulimia. The thing that always struck me was how cerebral eating was for that family - everything that went in their mouths was a massive emotional event for them. At the dinner table, the tension in the air palpable, with everyone judging each other and making snide or manipulative comments. Food was basically weaponized. It was just plain exhausting to watch, an made me realize that for some people, food isn't just a way to fuel the body and enjoy.

  8. So if a Finnish-Aussie ate a good value avocado in the afternoon, it would be a bonza arvo avo arvo?

  9. I had a Raiders hat and jacket in the 90's and I don't even live in LA and don't watch football.

  10. Still have my LA Raiders Starter jacket from 1990! It's a little worse for wear, but I could never part with it. Had so many firsts in it - beer, kiss, girlfriend etc. There was an episode of Twilight Zone years ago I think where an old dude did everything to get back his highschool letterman jacket - totally connected with that story lol

  11. What a weird timeline we're in where giving workers back the same rights they had in the 1960's is considered "progressive". The whole system needs a hard re-set.

  12. Yes, yet you are still insisting on the baseless idea that Mediterranean climate somehow magically increases life expectancy, when it's a baseless statement.

  13. Temperature variability tied to shorter life expectancy

  14. Football says to beer: "Baby, I want you inside me"

  15. Thats definitely not how he actually looked, I'd say some poor artistic liberties were used with this rather than accuracy. Like whats the context for giving him blotchy skin?

  16. Image credit goes to artist Salva Ruano at the Cesares de Roma project.

  17. People who have never been, or went to Union Square and decided that it was all of SF, just parroting what Fox News tells them.

  18. I love how Fox always conveniently neglects to mention that an overwhelming number of California's homeless are transplants from Republican states, just looking for social support they can't get at home.

  19. There is a big difference between carnivore shit and herbivore shit.

  20. fucking hate this. as a man, nothing stresses me out more than when there's an attractive woman around wearing tight clothes. even when not looking there's nothing I can do about my feelings, and I'm supposed to feel guilty? like I'm some kind of pig? fuck off

  21. Well that guy has plenty of nose, a bit lacking in the face category

  22. pretty sure that's one of those nose/glasses/mustache disguises

  23. Just throw some Herodotus at them and watch their heads explode:

  24. shout out to the 4chan guy who listened to In the End by Linkin Park some 90 thousand times

  25. Same to the guy in Guantánamo Bay that listened to the Barney's I Love You nonstop for 17 years

  26. R is the identity, along with "male" and "christian." How do Dems break that? I'm so old I remember Ann Richards was governor of Texas at one time and absolutely beloved.

  27. Education is the only way, I think. Until women and minorities are given the opportunity to be equally represented within society, the old system of white Christian patriarchy will continue to prop up the Republican party.

  28. Why do people insist on holidaying on these plague ships?

  29. It's generally old people with limited mobility that go on cruises. It has everything they want - food and booze on tap with shows, gambling and variable scenery. Sadly, they are also the most vulnerable to covid.

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