1. I've been watching You're Under Arrest!, A 90's comedy anime

  2. I usually take a couple small hits a few hours before I'm planning to have a full on sesh. Get a little toasted and play some old video games. Then later on a few hours later is the real sesh, where I will either smoke a couple small bowls over the course of an hour, hour and a half or I'll use my herb vape a few times, all while I watch anime.

  3. What about perfumes? Some perfumes are just too intense to handle and often trigger sneezing attacks in restaurants. I love it though when people smell like ganja.

  4. I passed by a woman one day wearing such a horrifically bad, cheap ass perfume it seriously had me dry heaving for like a minute straight.

  5. I fucking hate when women on a budget try to smell good!!

  6. I can't really say much on that aspect. Usually I use Axe if I need a quick freshening up scent wise...Lotta people think Axe is shit. Then when I want actual cologne Im still falling on generic MUSK that I shoplifted from a dollar store 12 year ago. So.

  7. Oh great now a million and one questions about this fucking thing.

  8. Wonder where they're gonna place these shows in the block?

  9. Most of the anime we tend to get is aimed at kids anyway.

  10. not naturally occurring in dosages able to be used tho so always synthetically sourced

  11. Yes, legalize it nation wide and expunge all records related to its criminal enforcement.

  12. Well...I wouldn't say that nobody wants that policy to continue. It's more than the people that do want it to continue either don't matter and are going to die in the next 5-10 years, or can't really push against it openly without being instantly sussed out as having a typically profit driven ulterior motive and dismissed my the voting majority.

  13. Bro why risk it for edibles of all things. Pretty sure UK drug trafficking charges aren't something you want to live with the rest of your life. Just get some bud locally and make your own edibles there's recipes all over that are really easy to follow.

  14. Delta junk? Boy if you took 200mg of Delta 9 THCp you’d be higher then snoop dogg on a jet aircraft for 48 hour straight. D9 THCp and HHCp are no joke. They make weed look like a sugar pill.

  15. That's guaranteed to NOT be what's been sprayed onto these garbage knock off edibles though.

  16. Does anyone really believe that those downloaded games will make their console worth more? Its all tied to the account used to make the purchase and encrypted to that one console, I just don't see that making a console worth more.

  17. I mean PS4 consoles with P.T. Installed legit are going on ebay for outrageous amounts of money, even though one could easily buy a PS4 with an exploitable firmware for significantly less, run GoldHEN and just pirate P.T.

  18. When online goess alot of the same people bragging about their spending spress will probably end up on ebay price gouging their systems.

  19. Sorry to burst the bubble but falsified lab results is rampant and kind of an open secret In the legal weed scene.

  20. It's been months since I took my Zoloft but I never had a problem when I was taking it, personally.

  21. do you think i should try smoking and see what happens? I just dont want anything too serious happening yk?

  22. I'd say try smoking small amounts while you get used to the meds and see if that does anything bad to you.

  23. I'd say it's a 75% chance plug is finessing. Packaging like stuff I could get at any Dispo in Michigan.

  24. Hahaha what??? I didn’t know weed smell actually bothered people. I’m carrying weed smell on me like the tobacco smokers!

  25. I mean on a state where it's illegal you probably wouldn't want to be reeking of it. Especially if you live with or near Karen's.

  26. Towel under the door, incense sticks, one of those water lamps my mom bought me, dry herb vape or glass piece (small), hold in your hits a bit, don't ghost them but the more you hold the better result. Open the windows, don't smoke out your animals and have fun 😁

  27. Yeah this is basically what I too since I'm really not supposed to be smoking in the house.

  28. If you followed the recommended guide to a tee, no there is no way to disable CFW short of uninstalling it (which is both pointless and I'll advised)

  29. They've BEEN aware since they started doing online trades.

  30. Not doubtful. See Pretendo's discord, Badge Arcade will be operable in the future, the devs have reverse engineered A LOT so far and posted videos to Discord yesterday.

  31. I doubt it will be that great. Prentendo has already said they won't be supporting anything money related so you'll be stuck with only the what like two daily free plays and the one or two you can earn in the practice catcher?

  32. Eh. Anything with a popular public figures brand attached to it is gonna cost too much and be a lackluster product for the price.

  33. I don't know if it SHOULD have or not...but I would have loved it if they did. As a grown ass man I'd totally fuck with some Sailor Moon of it aired on Toonami. The old dub is part of my childhood so the nostalgia would be beautiful.

  34. Delta 9 is regular weed but the reason it’s legal is because that delta 9 is extracted from legal hemp. It’s just very strange cause I’ve never seen any legal delta 9 flower

  35. Legal delta 9 flower would come in the form of CBD flower that has been strayed with hemp derived delta 9 distillate, I would imagine.

  36. I'm not a grower, so I don't really know for sure, but I have a feeling there isn't a whole lot you can do in terms of the smell of growing plants.

  37. After harvest and prior to usage, if stored well, weed should give off little to no smell.

  38. Yet another reason to not buy from the streets if Dispo is an option for you.

  39. wouldn’t sigpatches need to be updated to allow carts to work?

  40. Sigpatches need to be updated every time there is a new atmosphere version.

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