1. So skeptical….Dm me if you’re free during the days.

  2. I’m in Navarre and can travel during the day. I would love to taste you, DM if you’re interested

  3. I’ll play if y’all want to. Send me a DM😉

  4. I can travel, if y’all ever are free during the day…let me know

  5. So beautiful, if you ever need company let me know…I’m in Navarre and free during most days

  6. 42/m down to hang out and blaze with y’all finalpass623

  7. Wow I was just looking at your photos. I am super impressed. I didn't know u could catch sharks on a rod. So u love here in pcola?

  8. Hi! Would love to chat sometime if you’re interested.

  9. I would love to help. I’m free during the days if you want to link up. I would love to hang out 👅

  10. Hi. I’m in Navarre and just looking for some fun. Hanging out, adventures, and whatever it leads to. Again, hit me up and let’s see if we connect

  11. From one soldier to another…you’re gorgeous

  12. You’re gorgeous! I’ll share, what do you have in mind? DM

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