Qatar Rules for Fifa World Cup

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  1. Forcing defensive tactics in a team that has been built by him from the attacking positions to the back is 100% his fault.

  2. What’s the site or app that produced these ratings?

  3. FotMob like the others said. Still have yet to find a more complete app for scores and stats and sometimes even audio feeds for matches.

  4. Guy makes decisions so quickly and never seems to hesitate. Add that to his abilities and it's just ruthless.

  5. I’d rather have two highly composed CBs with elite passing and top tier on the ball ability. That’s just me

  6. Why not Tomy and Saliba? Tomy goes in the LCB spot for Japan and it's a bit out of position for white (not that he couldn't do it).

  7. Well should depend on the angle of the foot as well. If it’s studs onto the knee most definitely but if you graze him with the top of the laces above the knee is that really dangerous as studs ?

  8. If reckless is yellow then let's ret-con years of red cards. It's not stated in the rules that reckless is a yellow or red. But if you are reckless then you are not in control of yourself. And so you are endangering the safety of the other players on the pitch.

  9. I wonder if bubbles knew he got thrown in the same category as Cory and Trevor.

  10. At this point with how good city is we will be congratulating whoever comes in 2nd.

  11. It's an older game but have you tried Stronghold?

  12. Never heard of it. I’ll YouTube it

  13. Castle/town builder. I only played the first one. I loved it tho. I think it's been remastered recently too.

  14. because fuck the rivals? what kind of question is this lmao

  15. But why? Is it to leave the temple quicker. Does their teachings tell them they should be the closest to something? Or are they just that into it. I'm pretty ignorant of this and would like to know.

  16. Rumbling Rumbling, it's coming Rumbling Rumbling

  17. Hey, what's the difference between a sack and a tackle for loss? Absolutely nothing.

  18. So if something goes wrong and you're not fast enough to clamp it you're fucked? Seems like a bad idea in general no matter how you do it.

  19. Maybe. It also looked like the greatest showman over here either hit the barrel with something or maybe pulled a string to initiate something.

  20. That strat has always worked so well in history after all

  21. I think if he went down the slide he could have made it in time. Not sure on being able to catch it tho.

  22. I love Etienne, he gets undeserved hate.

  23. He's best off the bench. That just sucks cause I'm sure that's not fun for him.

  24. They are blaming spurs for Partey being wide open. It's cause they have to throw 2-3 guys at Saka

  25. You obviously haven’t been paying attention it goes

  26. You get a pretty cool shirt for winning the sportsite league tho.

  27. I would like to point out that vader is also famous for having large portions of himself being chopped off.

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