1. I mean it's hard considering I live close to the Netherlands (where people average 6' and don't get me started on the younger generation) so that's why. I hope to grow a little more so I can "retire" from this sub

  2. Younger generation ? dude you are 14 (at least in your bio) you are the younger generation. I think you still have time to grow.

  3. I think the next question will be about lesbians...

  4. It’s only going to get worse. People are only getting taller

  5. I often think about it. I have the same height as my father but 50 years ago the average height was a bit shorter, that mean I am ever shorter compared to today standard despite we have the same weight.

  6. Why ? personally I think he is a 9. This sub give Tom Cruise very high note and I think this guy is more good loking than Tom.

  7. Yes but I co-wash. Like I wash my hair with a (no-sulphates, no-silicones) conditioner. The first day it looks a bit dry, the second a bit oily, and then it looks nice for 4-5 days more.

  8. I cant not use regular shampo and coditionar after beach. The sea water make my hair feel really rough.

  9. Conditioner washing is called cowashing. If you continue to use shampoo, it will continue to strip your hair and this overstimulate grease production. You need to play with what works for your hair. Look at the FAQS. There is a ton of information there.

  10. I feel conditioner make my hair look oily faster. I have fine hair. I could never do cowash it would just drag my hair down.

  11. NoPoo isn’t just about stopping using shampoo and use only water. There are several alternative ways of NoPoo. It takes time and effort to find the one that works for you. So what was your NoPoo routine? How long did you do it and how is it going now with your conditioner and shampoo routine?

  12. I think I ve been doing lowpoo for almost a year now. My shampoo probably have sulfate (I am not sure because it dont have ingredients written in the bottle) and maybe thats why my hair never fully transition to the other side.

  13. This. This is the answer. I’m in the best shape of my life and eat better than most people I know. But every job I’ve had since I was 19 has me walking multiple miles every 8-12 hr shift without much time to sit down, usually on concrete floors. My knees do not feel too great and I’m only 30.

  14. I spend most of my time sit. (But I work out too) My knees arent great neither. But probably related to different problem.

  15. Who told you that baby face is the opposite of masculine face? Most Caucasian women have high forward growth while Eastern men have less.

  16. How caucasian womange having high forward growth related to men having baby face ?

  17. I feel it make my hair have more volume. So it look fluffy if I style it right.

  18. Thank you for your opinion :) i think the advices for Dramatics suit me better, i was just wondering about “bones” thing, they say dramatics are more sharp and narrow, and i was not sure about it in my case.

  19. I dont think you have kibbe widht. Your sillhoute is long and narrow. Maybe because of yout height you feel you look wide next to other people.

  20. The issue with creating new subs is that you need some kind of drawcard to tempt people to go there. Just creating a sub itself won't tempt 1000s of people with an interest in the system to lurk there and comment unfortunately.

  21. I agree. I get why people dislike the fload of "type me" posts but mega threads rarely work the way it was intendend.

  22. Just searched him up and he's for sure better looking than everyone on the list.

  23. I often read his name in forums that discuss beauty . At this point I believe he is probably considered very atractive in india.

  24. please do create a sub about celeb plastic surgery! I will join:)

  25. I created but the last time I tried to share in this sub they deleted my comment because technically we arent allowed to say celebrities names here. I will send you my sub in your dm.

  26. The amount of people who think it was BS astounds me. We all (IT people) put in huge effort to make sure everything worked and because we did our jobs so well nobody believes it was real.

  27. Does people had factual reason to believe computers would crash going from 1999 to 2000. There was a tech issue ? Or it was a conspiracy on media like the end of the world in 2012 ?

  28. She actually lost a lot of weight recently. So maybe the lens is exagerating her legs lenght.

  29. I follow another woman who often post this before and after ediiting. I think it help train our eyes to see how edited stuff look like. By the way the app is probably faceapp.

  30. I think betwen the two the first gain because the eye color is more interesting. Its not a surprise that a lot of people like blue eyes, its rare and very valued. (Except in countries you can already find a lot of blue eyes people.)

  31. I bought a similar brogue shoes a few years ago.

  32. They gonna grow and stay fairly visible if

  33. Interesting. Some people say abs are "build in the kitchen", some say they dont even train abs.

  34. Are beauty standards shifting again, or are these people just super dysmorphic?

  35. I think that, after Cornucopia, Björk is going to continue wanting to present a fully immersive experience for her album tours. Right now, she has Orkestral and Cornucopia still ongoing – that is to say, the infrastructure for both are currently in play; creating a third show on the fly for the notoriously chaotic Coachella stage would simply not be up to her standards, and Cornucopia is too involved to put up and take down on a shared stage (she also wouldn't want to give a "diet" version of the experience). Orkestral is the only show that makes sense for her to put on right now.

  36. I think she could keep with orkestral essemble and just add the electronic beats wtih a dj. It shoulnd be that difficult

  37. You cant "grow" a faceshape. You have this bone structure or not that can be covered behind fat.

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