1. I’m pretty sure Greg chucks an entire carton of egg whites into every recipe so with that being said, yes it would be a waste of money.

  2. The thing is I don't see many people talking about them and almost no reviews. What do you think, I am missing something? Thank you.

  3. I bought the peanut butter and coconut ones a couple weeks ago and I genuinely couldn’t believe the macros they don’t taste amazing but great value for proy

  4. Bro I’m sorry but this is a big L for Greg, I know he thinks he knows everything about nutrition and what not but it’s almost as if he has a hatred to cooking with oils/fats that’s it’s become a fear food to him / Ed. I know a lot of people don’t think an avoidance to cooking with oils should be considered an ED but in terms of gregs diet and his avoidance to any types of saturated fats which don’t contain omega 3, I’m convinced he does have some sort of a fear. Also calling out Gordon Ramsey is absolutely incompetent from Greg when Ramsey is 10x the chef/nutritionist he is

  5. It’s like seeing your mom and dad on a porno 🤮

  6. There's only so much you can say about fitness. building muscle and losing fat is not rocket science.

  7. I completely agree and realise why he would never go down that path, he just cant keep applying everything in his vids to new watchers. Imo he needs to take a step back and try to produce better quality videos rather than a high quantity of the same repetitive content.

  8. Bro stop over complicating it, trust me you’ll give yourself an ED.

  9. Phillions physique doesn’t look that great but he said apparently he could bench like 315 when he was 18 so he doesn’t have bad genetics he’s just extremely butt hurt that he can’t get half a physique of bumsteads natural physique lol

  10. Wow, nice fiber consumption. What type of foods do you usually include to get it that high?

  11. That’s definitely an option, but I am looking for more of a topping/ inventive concept from someone

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