1. But I had to see a homeless person and it made me uncomfortable, which is the same as being in danger!

  2. Someone was shot and killed on 15th St the other day - commuters just coming to and from their job shouldn't have to fear for their lives just because some 19 year old jackass was raised by the streets. I'm not saying its a Mad Max dystopian wasteland but acting as if people are clutching pearls over the mere presence of homeless people and not the actual issues (hygiene of riders on the train, drug users on the train, people being shot/assaulted on the train) is disingenuous.

  3. Anyone have a video of the chant from in stadium? I could hear it in the broadcast so I’m wondering what it sounded like in person. Cheers!

  4. Honestly Eli’s should probably be way higher. Towards the tail end of his career he had WRs and TEs that had Lego hands. So many passes dropped directly into the other teams hands due to inability to catch a pass (looking at you, Engram) it was painful to watch

  5. Okay maybe it was just CCL fucking us, we’re back. Wish it didn’t take two months for the offense to get going each year

  6. He made so many interceptions and clutch tackles in the middle, easily in MOTM contention for his contributions

  7. I think he was easily MOTM but i don’t blame Doucoure for getting it for that goal

  8. Those two or Pickford, all three were stupendous

  9. I would love Daniel Gazdag to be given a shot somewhere outside of the MLS but I’m unsure if you guys would think he’s up to snuff for the prem

  10. I always loved Kanye for sampling Steely Dan

  11. When we're on a budget we shouldn't be looking to target from other prem clubs. Simple as. Wage inflation alone is bad for our balance sheet, let alone the transfer fees.

  12. MLS has some decent talent nowadays that wouldn’t break the bank.

  13. That is a fair point, but at the same time you still cant write off his poor season completely. Anyone going for any of those leeds players that struggled would be taking a big risk

  14. I think it’s just how his body carries weight, he’s got a chubby face but simultaneously a six pack. But yeah we’re going to need to take risks because not a lot of established players will wanna come to our side after the last few years

  15. Lampard's achievement this season has been keeping Everton and Chelsea from relegation hahaha

  16. Despite his best efforts to accomplish the contrary lol

  17. Elmo and the drums from Helms Deep were in Old City on Saturday night. It’s fun for a minute but we were eating nachos outside and they just camped out a block away pounding on their damn drums until I was about ready to go out there and tear apart their drums with the butter knife and my bare hands. Enough of the damn drums.

  18. They’re very annoying. It’s something that tourists think is cool but as a resident that’s had to deal with these guys being a nuisance for years it’s honestly just fucking annoying. They don’t play any actual songs and just smack the shit out of their drums ad nauseum. They’re in the same tier of annoying asshole as dirt bikers and the guys who ride slingshots while blasting shitty music.

  19. I've always assumed Davies is great for the dressing room. He seems like a cool guy.

  20. Lads, we’re currently tied for first. Keep it up!

  21. Healthy relationships don’t revolve around fantasies involving other people lmfao just because you and your boyfriend or whatever are cool with fucking a dude in your relationship doesn’t mean it’s normal, and the fact you’re constantly parroting your weird relationship as such up and down in this thread is ridiculous. You’re just a weird ass redditor 😂

  22. You you have passed the divide by 2+7 test. Your papers check out, move along sir, and good day.

  23. Yup doing some basic napkin math I came to the same numbers assuming reported fees are accurate. Combined with a potential minority owner coming in with more cash we may be poised to make some significant signings where we need them but who knows what these assholes in charge will do

  24. Shoutout to the lad in a wheelchair that somehow made his way to the pitch. Fair play

  25. We have money to spend this summer and we don't have to sell our best player.

  26. Finally. What an awful saga we had with him.

  27. Elated that the final season at Goodison won’t be played in the Championship

  28. Off topic mate but there’s a pizza joint in Philly called Pizza Shackamaxon and it is the best

  29. Anyone remember where we actually picked up any points this season? Genuinely can't remember outside of today, Brighton, and Arsenal for Dyche's first game.

  30. I dissociated mentally from this season I can’t remember either lol

  31. The squad is decent but we lack a focal point. It’s the exact same mistake we made under Koeman when we sold Lukaku and missed out on Giroud.

  32. Well, big Rom is going to be available this summer…

  33. ImAgInE StOrMiNg tHe PiTcH OvEr a 17tH pLaCe FiNiSh

  34. They don’t have two brain cells to rub together to figure out we’re not celebrating 17th we’re celebrating survival of a historic club and our final season being played at Goodison happening in the prem

  35. Plastics who only support big clubs think it’s “funny” to watch teams struggle. Forget the context around our performances over the last few years, they just hate us for the sake of hating us. They think our awful style of play is a reason to want us relegated but don’t realize we have to play that way due to lack of depth and constant injuries

  36. I mean the entire Leeds side has dropped and has been a flop. I watched him develop from when he was a kid (trained him with a mate of mine) and he’s the real deal I believe.

  37. Moore was allll over our defenders back if that went in I may have spontaneously combusted in anger

  38. Haha it’s just so inordinate, clearly no foul play or anything just a statistical anomaly.

  39. At least for St Louis, the naming has really deep connotations. Also why we insist on being CITY, all caps. I understand if you hate that particular thing; I’m still sorting out why we must be #ALLCAPS, too. But, it will make for a good rivalry one day with Vancouver. The Caps Classico.

  40. Would you be upset if people called you guys saint lewis city

  41. I was today years old and 200 hours into my TotK playthrough when I found out you can fuse the master sword

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