1. Got some modified fruit by seed and strain. Very very nice heady chest high decent pain relief.

  2. I've been smoking 20 plus years...klutch is gas.. Im just a pot head hahaha

  3. It really is. I wish I could actually afford it every week but seed and strain is fire now recently for what it is so I’ll take it.

  4. Hay seems to me can be ANY bud if it’s near expiration date

  5. Okay the pictures are fkn amazing. Those terps should definitely be higher though on an artifact. Is the taste awesome though?

  6. I don’t like seeing this type of thing on this Reddit. Call me crazy but I’d rather see him laying on a dude or something I only got to the second pic of the rhino

  7. This is one where you can’t pay attention to the terps. 1 is every bit as good as 2. It might not be quite as strong smell wise but makes up for it In Effects.

  8. I’m pretty sure Savvy is Verano right? It looks good

  9. What’s that taste like with that being the top Terp? That’s crazy shit fr


  11. This is the most biased shitpost I’ve ever seen lmao

  12. They seen that little dead girl and they was gonna put that pos down no matter 100% surrender not.

  13. All these fucking pussies in these comments I’ve been bit by three fucking dogs. None of them have been Pitbulls. I’ve had Rottweilers German Shepherd’s, and they are way more fucking violent than any pitbull I’ve ever owned so suck a fucking dick.


  15. Not when you people take in account that there is way more Pitbulls than those other dogs.

  16. I’m assuming their grandpas breathstar is involved and that’s a sativa

  17. "compressed air" is not literally "compressed air" it can have all kinds of nasty shit in it:

  18. Call me a redneck but I automatically assumed to use a compressor like an actual compressor not the cans people get high on

  19. And I seen them praying outside the building afterward. Idk why but it bothers me so much.

  20. Yeah I can’t stand POW. They charge like their flower is fire

  21. Looks amazing! Biker Kush is 100% fire. How much for this?

  22. How many more sites like this you think exist but are hidden?

  23. Literally every social media platform has different content moderation policies and content algorithms.

  24. Do you know how pissed these Americans would be? Oh you tryna force your education on my child?!

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